Best Sewing Kits Reviews

Have you been looking for a sewing kit that fits your specific needs and price range? We have rounded up five of the best sewing kits that might work for your project.

Buying a good and durable sewing kit might be difficult, but we hope to aide you in making the right decision for your purpose and price range. The five best sewing kits that we will address are compact, easy to use and store all the tools you will need to fix any minor sewing problems you might face. 

Product Summary

  • 130 Supplies
  • High Quality Tools and Thread
  • Compact, Lightweight and Durable Case
  • Low to Medium Price Range
  • Pine Box
  • Strong & Uniquely Designed Scissors
  • For Home Use
  • Higher Price than Competitors
  • Waterproof Case
  • Best for Urgent & Short-Term Sewing Needs
  • Cheapest Option
  • Larger Materials
  • Larger Amount of Thread per Spool
  • High Quality Tools
  • Faux Leather Case
  • Japanese Needles
  • 120 Supplies
  • Medium Priced

Best Sewing Kits Reviews

Premium Sewing Kit by ARTIKA - Best Seller on DIY Sewing Kits

Price: Lower Range

What's Included:

  • Over 130 pcs Premium Sewing Supplies
  • 38 Spools in Total: 2 of each Most Used Colors & 18 Multi-Colors
  • 40 Sewing Pins in Round Stand
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Scissors
  • High Quality Golden Eye Needles in Assorted Sizes
  • Wonder Clips
  • Durable PU Leather Case

The Premium Sewing Kit by ARTIKA comes with 130 supplies. It stores 40 sewing pins, 38 spools of thread, 30 Goldeneye needles, three clips, a durable thimble, a pair of scissors and other common sewing tools. The thread comes in 18 multi-colored spools along with duplicate spools of common thread colors.

What we like about this kit is the inclusion of durable tools. It includes Goldeneye needles, a metal thimble, and stainless-steel scissors. Each of these tools are held in place with elastic bands to keep the kit organized. The PU leather case is great for on-the-go fixes due to its small size and plastic zipper that keeps the sewing items locked inside.

This sewing kit is designed for quick on-the-go fixes and its compact and lightweight design makes this product easy to store in a purse or office desk drawer. Its small design makes this kit useful for quick fixes, but we would not recommend this product to be used as your main sewing kit. The plastic zipper can quickly wear down and the spools do not hold much thread on them.

This kit is on the cheaper size and we believe it is worth the price. This product is equipped with 130 items that will aid with nearly every sewing need you might have. It is a small sewing kit that is meant to be carried and used for small sewing jobs.

Things We Liked

  • 130 Supplies that Accommodate Most Sewing Needs
  • High Quality Tools
  • Lightweight and Compact Case

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Not much thread on each spool
  • Plastic zipper
  • Designed only for on-the-go fixes

Wooden Sewing Basket by Summer Chuxia - Best Organized Sewing Kit

Price: Middle Range

What's Included:

  • Beautiful Wooden Carry Case
  • 24 Spools of Thread in Popular Colors
  • 30 Needles
  • 10 White Buttons
  • Pin Cushion
  • Stainless Steel Scissors & Seam Ripper
  • Thimble, 5 Safety Pins & Measuring Tape
  • Needle Threader

The Wooden Sewing Basket by Summer_chuxia offers a trendy packaging design. The wooden box is made of pine wood and maintains its scent. The box only comes with the essential sewing tools required.

This kit comes with 24 thread colors, 30 needles of various sizes, a seam ripper, stylish scissors, foldable tape and a needle threading tool along with other sewing essentials. The box is easily organized to display all of your sewing tools and it leaves space for you to add more materials or tools of your own.

We especially liked the scissors in this kit. The scissors are strong enough to cut through heavy materials and their unique design makes them eye-catching. The box itself is also appealing with its glossy wood finish and calming pine scent.

The price point for this product is high for the amount of materials and tools that come with the kit. We believe that this kit is overpriced due to the small size of the kit. The pine box makes the kit unable to be easily taken out of the home.

The pine box and beautiful yet durable scissors makes this box stand out to us. However, the product is small and may not be worth the price.

Things We Liked

  • Pine box is durable, beautiful, and scented
  • The scissors are sharp and uniquely designed
  • Easily organized and leaves space for additional items to be stored inside

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Small for the price paid
  • For in-home use only
  • Threading tool easily breaks

Best Sewing Kit Bundle by BEST - Best Cheap Sewing Kit

Price: Lower Range

What's Included:

  • Multi-Color Threads
  • Thimble, Safety Pins & Measuring Tape
  • Sewing Needle
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Pearl Needle
  • Thread Cutter & Threader

The Best Sewing Kit Bundle by BEST offers a small but durable sewing kit. The kit features a waterproof Nylon casing lined with a durable zipper. The interior is easily organized by straps to keep your tools in place.

The kit comes with scissors, needles, a ruler and various colors of thread. It is small and compact, making it easy to travel with. It contains the bare minimum tools and materials to get the job done.

This kit is cheap and the materials within it reflect its price. The scissors are not sharp and bend easily, the seam ripper is dull and the thread is weak and easily broken. The product is cheap and so are its tools and materials. If you are looking for a quick and cheap fix, this product will fit your needs.

The materials in this kit are not great but it is capable of repairing small jobs. We believe that the low price of this kit might be useful to those who have small sewing jobs that need to be done quickly. The low price matches the quality of the materials, but this kit might be a match for anyone looking for a cheap option to make minor fixes to clothes.

Things We Liked

  • Durable and compact casing
  • Easily organizable interior
  • Good for travel and on-the-go fixes

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Dull seam ripper
  • Flimsy and dull scissors
  • Thin thread

Rainbow Sewing Kit by ARTIKA - Best Overall Sewing Kit

Price: Lower Range

What's Included:

  • Durable XL PU Leather Case
  • 100 XL pcs Premium Sewing Supplies
  • 24 XL Multi-Colors of Spools
  • Stainless Steel XL Scissors
  • Golden-Eye Needles in Assorted Sizes
  • 18 Extra-Long Sewing Pins
  • Quality-Wonder Clips

The Rainbow Sewing Kit by ARTIKA offers sewing materials on a larger scale. This kit features extra large tools and spools of thread, making it a good option for beginners. The extra large PU leather casing includes a strong zipper and elastic straps to ensure everything stays in place.

The kit includes 24 extra large spools of multi-colored thread. The spools are larger than they are in the premium kit, with 100-120 yards of thread per spool. It comes with 100 high quality supplies including, larger Goldeneye needles, extra long sewing pins, clips, a metal thimble, and a pair of scissors.

The thread is durable for hand sewing but should not be used on a sewing machine. The spools are larger but the thread strength remains consistent with ARTIKA’s other sewing kits. The seam ripper is thick and not very sharp and many customers replace it with a higher quality one. The scissors are small but sharp, making it easy to cleanly cut through thread and material.

We believe that this sewing kit is a good deal. The price is in the middle range and the kit comes with many materials that can get nearly any sewing job done well. The kit is also easily transported and a great resource to fix small sewing jobs on while traveling.

Things We Liked

  • Larger materials
  • High quality tools
  • More thread on each spool

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Seam ripper is chunky and dull
  • The scissors are small
  • Threading is too weak to be used on a sewing machine

Price: Middle Range

What's Included:

  • 18 Colored Threads
  • 30 High Quality Needles in Assorted Sizes
  • 4 Spare Buttons, 18 Pins & Metal Thimble
  • Stainless Steel Scissors, Seam Ripper, Tape Measure & Colored Marking Pencil
  • Metal Crochet Hook & Knitting Needle
  • Threader & Pack of Small Needles
  • 4 Safety Pins & Magnifying Glass

The Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Kit by Bangbreak is jam-packed with sewing materials. The kit comes in a faux leather case that is compact and meant for travel. Elastic straps and a zipper ensure the materials stay in place and keep its interior organized.

The kit includes 10 feet of thread on each of its 40 multi-colored spools. The 30 Japanese needles are large and strong and come in various sizes. The kit also includes a metal thimble, a crochet hook, stainless steel scissors and a seam ripper. It also includes other sewing essentials that add up to 120 supplies that come with the kit.

The kit is small and made for travel, but the packaging feels cramped. Not all forty spools of thread can be placed into the casing at a time. The casing also feels cheap and cluttered. The tools included are good but are not great quality.

We believe that this kit is worth the price. The kit falls into the medium price range and includes many sewing materials. The quality of the tools is what we would expect to see in a kit of this price range. The materials are good and they will be able to complete simple and quick sewing jobs without a problem.

Things We Liked

  • High quality tools
  • Seam ripper is sharp
  • Features 120 supplies

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Casing looks and feels cheap
  • Thread is thin
  • Does not fit all of the thread included with the purchase


The product that we would most highly recommend is the Premium Sewing Kit by ARTIKA. Out of our list, this kit comes with the largest amount of sewing materials. It is also the second cheapest option yet still yields good quality materials.

 The Premium Sewing Kit’s casing allows for easy storage and is designed to fit into purses or dashboards to be used on-the-go. The tools are sharp and made of durable metal to ensure the kit’s longevity. The materials used in this kit are comparatively stronger and of a higher quality than the other kits we looked at. This kit is in the low to middle price range and yields the highest quality for the price paid.

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