Black & Gold Table Makeover

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Hello friends!

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and realized how boring that piece had become? 

That's how I felt about my black entry table when I really looked at it as I shared my Living Room Spring/Summer Tour with you.

It just didn't fascinate me like it once did.

And I had to change that....ASAP.

Since I am currently drooling over anything gold, it was a no brainer to incorporate some gold to this black boring table.    

There's nothing that gold won't make dazzle. Nothing.

And this BLACK AND GOLD TABLE definitely dazzles now!


The table was purchased at Target a couple years ago and I immediately spray painted it black to get rid of the plain maple color. No wonder the poor thing was on clearance!

Since it was already painted black, this makeover was so easy and fast! Instant gratification, my friends!

Isn't the after so much more fabulous than the before? I think so!


For this fabulous table makeover, I incorporated gold to 3 areas in 3 different and super easy ways:


The first thing I did was spray paint the tips of the legs to give it a gold dipped look. AND. I. LOVE. IT.....ALOT.


To spray paint the legs I taped each leg off at 3.5 inches and covered the remaining part of the legs and table with plastic bags to protect it.

 I used 3 light coats of Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray in Gold and let it dry for an hour. 

After I removed the tape and bags I was left with the gorgeous gold dipped effect that I just love!!

Next up was the mod podging!

This was my first time mod podging paper to furniture and I was so nervous to screw it up and mess the table up but I was brave and went for it!

And I'm happy to report, there were no screw ups!


The process was so easy and fun!

1. I applied a thick layer of Satin Mod Podge to the table.

2. Applied my awesome gold chevron striped pattern craft paper on top of the Mod Podge and used my hand to smooth it all out.

3. I sealed the deal with 3 layers of Mod Podge over the craft paper, waiting 25 minutes between each coat. 

4. I let the Mod Podge dry over 36 hours before putting anything on top of it. I love the Satin finish!

I have to say, I am obsessed with how the craft paper becomes a part of the furniture!! I'm no Mod Podge expert so this is so fascinating to me!!

The last thing I did was paint some gold around the edge of the table with my gold acrylic paint. I did 4 coats and let each coat dry 30 minutes.


And that is how this once black and boring table got a dazzling and fabulous pick me up!

The gold added the perfect amount of wow factor my table desperately needed! And now it stands tall and proud! And not to mention, gorgeous!

Have you done any furniture makeovers, big or small?

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