DIY Apothecary Jars

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Hello everyone! 

Today, I am back with another upcycled jar project! And I really hope you're not tired of them!

I never knew jars could be re-purposed into so many different and useful things, but they really can! I've repurpsoed  candle jars into bathroom storage jars and spaghetti sauce jars into pantry storage jars!

And this time, I upcycled (or repurposed-whatever you want to call it) another plain spaghetti sauce jar into an awesome apothecary style candy jar!


Best of all, it's so easy and inexpensive to make your very own apothecary candy jar!

This is what I used:

-1 empty and clean spaghetti sauce jar with lid

- wooden knob from Home Depot (under $1)

- candle holder from the dollar store ($1 and you get two!)

- spray paint primer and black spray paint (around $8 for both)

- super glue ($1 at dollar store)


This is the glue I used and I love it!

The first thing you want to do is glue your knob to your lid making sure it's centered.


Once it's fully dry, spray paint your lid and candle holder


I obviously, got ahead of myself and didn't start taking pictures until after the first 2 steps were completed!

The final step is to glue your candle holder to the bottom of your jar!

And when that is fully dry....

Fill your jar with some yummy candy and you will have a fabulous apothecary candy jar (that will soon be empty and you will find yourself having to re-fill more than you should! Or maybe that's just my predicament?)


Not a big fan of candy? No problem (other than the fact you may be from another planet!!) You can fill your apothecary jar with rocks, seashells or use it to store craft supplies, tea get the picture.

What I've been thinking while blogging this:

- My nails look awful! But I don't see the point in polishing them if they just get messed up with the next project I make! Anyone else feel me?

- Getting giddy about putting Lily down for a nap since there is a container of ice cream in the freezer calling out to me! (I won't eat the whole thing...or will I?)

- Contemplating making an outdoor wooden sign tonight when it's hopefully a little make or to relax? Hmmm...

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