DIY Art Themed Birthday Party: Tips and Ideas for a Creative Celebration

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I recently threw an art-themed birthday party for my child, and it was a hit! The party was filled with colorful decorations, creative activities, and delicious treats. With a little bit of planning and some DIY projects, you too can throw an unforgettable art-themed party that your child and their friends will love.

One of the best things about an art-themed party is that it can be adapted to suit any age group. For younger children, you can focus on simple art projects like finger painting or coloring pages. Older children might enjoy more complex projects like canvas painting or tie-dye. No matter the age group, an art-themed party is a great way to encourage creativity and self-expression.

Hosting an art-themed party doesn't have to break the bank either. With some simple DIY decorations and activities, you can create a fun and engaging atmosphere without spending a lot of money. In this article, I will share some of my favorite DIY ideas for an art-themed party, including decorations, activities, and treats. So, grab your paintbrushes and let's get started!

Choosing the Theme

When it comes to planning an art-themed birthday party, there are a lot of directions you could take. Before you start planning, it's important to choose a theme that will guide all of your decisions, from invitations to decorations to activities.

Art Themed Party Decorations

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your art party theme:

Age and Interests of the Birthday Child

First and foremost, you'll want to choose a theme that reflects the interests and age of the birthday child. Younger children may enjoy a messy paint party, while older children may prefer a more sophisticated art party with activities like printmaking or pottery.

Color Scheme

Another way to choose a theme is to start with a color scheme. You could base your party around a favorite color or combination of colors, or choose a color scheme that reflects a particular art style, like Pop Art or Impressionism.

Art Style or Artist

If the birthday child is particularly interested in a certain art style or artist, you could use that as the basis for your party theme. For example, you could have a party inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night or a party with a focus on street art and graffiti.

DIY vs. Pre-Made Decorations

Finally, consider how much time and effort you want to put into creating decorations for the party. If you're up for a DIY challenge, you could create your own decorations based on your chosen theme. Alternatively, you could opt for pre-made decorations that fit with your theme.

Overall, the key to choosing an art party theme is to have fun and be creative! By considering the interests of the birthday child and using your imagination, you can create a party that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

DIY Decorations

As I was planning my art themed birthday party, I wanted to create some fun and colorful decorations that would really set the mood. Here are some of the DIY decorations that I came up with:



Banners are a great way to add some color and personality to your party space. I made a few different banners for my party, including a "Happy Birthday" banner and a banner that spelled out my name. Here's how I made them:

  • Cut out triangles from colorful cardstock paper.
  • Use stencils or freehand letters to spell out your message.
  • Glue the letters onto the triangles.
  • Punch holes in the corners of the triangles and string them together with twine or ribbon.


Centerpieces are another great way to add some color and personality to your party space. For my art themed party, I made centerpieces using paintbrushes, paint tubes, and colorful tissue paper. Here's how I did it:

  • Fill a vase or jar with paintbrushes or paint tubes.
  • Cut strips of tissue paper in different colors and lengths.
  • Crumple up the tissue paper and stuff it around the paintbrushes or paint tubes.
  • Add a few sprigs of fake flowers or greenery for extra color.

Photo Booth Props

A photo booth is a fun addition to any party, and it's a great way to capture memories with your friends and family. I made some fun and colorful photo booth props for my art themed party, including paintbrushes, paint palettes, and colorful glasses. Here's how I made them:

  • Cut out shapes from foam sheets in different colors.
  • Use markers or paint to add details and designs.
  • Glue the shapes onto wooden dowels or straws.

Overall, these DIY decorations were a hit at my art themed birthday party. They were easy to make and added a lot of personality to the space.

Art Activities


As the host of an art-themed birthday party, I know that the activities are the heart of the event. Here are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing.

Painting Station

At the painting station, kids can explore their artistic side by painting on canvas or paper. To set up this station, I covered the table with a plastic tablecloth and set out a variety of paintbrushes, sponges, and paint. I also provided aprons or old shirts to protect their clothes.

To make things more interesting, I set up a "paint by numbers" activity where each child received a canvas with a pre-drawn picture. They then painted the numbered sections with the corresponding color. This activity is perfect for younger children who may not have the patience or skill to paint a picture from scratch.

Craft Table

The craft table is a great addition to the party, as it allows kids to use their imagination and create something unique. For this station, I provided a variety of materials, such as construction paper, scissors, glue, glitter, and markers. Kids could create anything from paper masks to origami animals.

To make things more organized, I set up a few examples of crafts they could make. This helped guide their creativity and gave them inspiration for their own creations.

Collaborative Mural

The collaborative mural is a fun way for kids to work together and create a large-scale piece of art. To set this up, I taped a large sheet of butcher paper to the wall and provided a variety of materials, such as paint, markers, and stickers.

Each child could add their own unique touch to the mural, whether it was a handprint or a drawing. This activity is perfect for a group of kids who may not know each other well, as it encourages teamwork and collaboration.

Overall, these art activities are a fun and creative way to celebrate a birthday. By providing a variety of activities, kids can explore their creativity and create something unique.

Food and Drinks


When it comes to throwing an art-themed birthday party, the food and drinks you serve can be just as creative as the activities and decorations. In this section, I will share some ideas for artistic snacks and colorful beverages that will delight your little guests.

Artistic Snacks

One fun idea for an art-themed party is to serve snacks that look like artist's supplies. For example, you can make paintbrushes by dipping pretzel sticks in melted chocolate and adding colorful sprinkles to the end. You can also make "paint palettes" by arranging different colored fruits or vegetables in a circular pattern on a plate. Another option is to serve "paint tubes" by filling small plastic tubes with fruit puree or yogurt.

If you want to offer something savory, you can create a "rainbow nacho bar" with colorful toppings like diced tomatoes, peppers, and onions. You can also use cookie cutters to make sandwiches in fun shapes like stars and hearts, or offer mini pizza bases as blank canvases that guests can then create their own design on.

Colorful Beverages

To quench your guests' thirst, you can offer a variety of colorful beverages that tie in with the art theme. One idea is to serve "paint water" by adding a drop of food coloring to glasses of water. You can also make "rainbow punch" by mixing different colored juices and sodas together.

Another fun option is to serve "milk paint" by adding food coloring to glasses of milk. You can also make "fruit smoothie paint" by blending different colored fruits with yogurt or milk. For an extra special touch, you can serve the drinks in clear plastic cups with paintbrushes as stirrers.

Overall, there are many creative ways to incorporate the art theme into your party's food and drinks. By using colorful ingredients and artistic presentation, you can make your guests feel like they are indulging in a work of art.

Party Favors

As I planned my DIY art themed birthday party, I knew I wanted to give my guests a special party favor to take home with them. I decided to create personalized goodie bags filled with DIY art kits and other fun treats.

DIY Art Kits


For the DIY art kits, I purchased small canvas panels, paintbrushes, and a variety of acrylic paints. I then packaged each kit in a clear plastic bag with a tag that read "Create Your Own Masterpiece!".

To make the kits even more special, I included a small booklet with tips and tricks for painting, as well as a list of famous artists and their most famous works. I also included a small color wheel so that the kids could experiment with mixing colors and creating their own unique shades.

Personalized Goodie Bags

To create the personalized goodie bags, I purchased plain white paper bags and decorated them with colorful paint splatters and the guest's name in bold letters. Inside each bag, I included the DIY art kit, as well as a few other treats.

Some of the other treats I included were:

  • A pack of rainbow colored pencils
  • A mini sketchbook
  • A small container of glitter glue
  • A bag of rainbow Twizzlers

I also made sure to include a thank you note in each bag, thanking the guest for coming to my party and for creating art with me.

Overall, the party favors were a big hit with my guests. They loved having a special kit to take home and continue creating art, and the personalized goodie bags made them feel extra special.

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