How to Make DIY Book Page Wreath (Quick & Easy Method)

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Hello friends!

How many book lovers are in the house?'re either going to love me for showing you a really cool way of incorporating book pages in your home or you're going to hate me for destroying a book in the process. sort of had to be done.

But maybe looking at this fabulous BOOK PAGE WREATH will pacify you...maybe...hopefully.


And gorgeous it is!


Confession time: I just didn't pull apart any book for this wreath. I ripped pages out of a Bible! I know...super bad!

I tried to get a book at the Dollar store just for this project but they all looked so trashy! When I found this old New Testament Athletes Bible that my husband had from a loooooong time ago, I figured that I'd rather have the Word on my wreath then God knows what kind of nasty words from a nasty story.


We have many other Bibles that we read and this one was just collecting dust. Plus, the pages already had that worn out kind of look that makes this wreath oh so pretty!

I hope no one is throwing stones at me in their mind....

What You'll Need

  • One Styrofoam wreath form * I got mine from the Dollar Tree and it's a 10 inch
  • An old book (new is fine too)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A big sharpie marker, mascara tube or anything that resembles that shape * I used a thick eyeliner
  • A small piece of ribbon or twine

Making this book page wreath only took around 45 minutes. So definitely not the quick 10 minute crafts I'm used to but it's also not that long. It goes by quicker if you do it while watching Frozen with a little cutie- at least it did for me!

How to Make a Book Page Wreath

I got this idea from Makely Home but tweaked it a bit...

Instead of using her technique for folding the pages, I used the technique most people use to make a wreath out of coffee filters (which I also plan on doing!)

1. This step is optional but helps lend an aged effect to your book pages. All you have to do is paint all the sides of the book with a brown of gray paint. I chose to do this even though my pages were already naturally aged.


2. To add your pages to your wreath form, wrap one page at a time around your sharpie marker or mascara tube. This not only gives the pages it's wrinkly shape but it will also help keep your little fingers burn free from the hot glue!


3. Dab some glue to the tip of your page covered tube and press to the top of your form like pictured above.

Move on to the next page and the next page and the next page until you've gone all the way around.

This completes your first layer. Two more to go!

4. Repeat the previous step to complete your second layer which will be positioned right below the first.


5. Again, repeat this process for the third and final layer which goes below the second layer.


6. Glue a piece of ribbon or twine to the back of your wreath form to hang from.....

And find the perfect spot for your gorgeous book page wreath! Funnest part, I assure you!


I hung mine above my Gallery Ledges and I think it fills the above space nicely!


I also love the neutral colors so it's not only perfect for Fall but all year round!


Look how full it is! LOVELY, right?


So, what do you think? Would you rip into a book to make one of these wreaths?

10 thoughts on “How to Make DIY Book Page Wreath (Quick & Easy Method)”

  1. Hi selene! I’m Robin and I’m a crazed diy-er myself. I just finished my wreath (I don’t know how to post pictures!?) Excellent tutorial… thank you! I have one quick question… Are we doing anything to preserve it? I’m not sure what works on paper soaked in coffee 🥴

    • Hello Robin,
      Thanks for visiting my site. Actually, I haven’t done anything to preserve the paper. I think that as long as you keep the temperatures of the room to the desired levels, you should be good. Let me know if you find any other method.
      Cheers, Selene

  2. I preserve my paper crafts with spray glue. Makes the paper more resilient aa well as lasting longer

  3. I love how you did and I think I will try it to now that I have seen someone show me how. Thank you!!!

  4. Thank you for posting this tutorial. I have @5 years of desk calendar pages documenting our children’s high school years…I’m planning to cut them to manageable size to make my wreath for our family-themed guest room. Note: I used these pages when we were moving18 years ago. I couldn’t bear to part with them and decided to wrap our framed photos for the storage tote. Been using the tote for five more moves, using the same pages. We have now moved into our “forever on earth” house and no one in the family cares about those memories (so they say). The wreath will be a bit of my heart on the wall.

    • I think this is a great idea! Also think someone down the line will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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