DIY Earring Holder (Quick & Easy Project)

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Who's ready for Spring? I sure am! We finally got a few sunny days and I soaked them all up outdoors. It had been gloomy and hazy for what seemed like an eternity so I was ready desperate for some sunshine!

Any-who...moving on to today's super feminine and super fabulous DIY.

It was inspired by my need for some earring organization. I had already organized my necklaces and bracelets with this DIY Necklace & Bracelet Organizer and this Tiered Jewelry Tray I made before that. 

But my earrings were still just thrown into a small bowl. Was is pretty? Yes. Was it functional? Not even close. It was getting quite annoying picking out my earrings in that cute little bowl.

So I got my little wheels turning (which just means remembering jewelry organizers I've pinned on Pinterest) and decided to make these Feminine DIY Earring Holder Displays.

Are they cute or what?


I made two earring displays, one out of hardware cloth (fancy word for wire) and another made out of cork board covered with fabric (the same fabric I used for my DIY Faux Roman Shades).

I framed both with some old frames I had stored up. I spray painted one gold because gold is fabulous. Period. And the other a light aqua blue to bring in a little Spring to my bedside space. It's such a happy color!

Here is what my supplies looked like after the spray painting was finished:

And this is the hardware cloth I used:

The piece of wire I used for my earring display was actually a scrap from some DIY wire baskets I'm working on. You want to wear gloves when cutting this baby, trust me.

I used thumbtacks to "nail" the wire onto the back of the frame (the backside is still it's old color- too lazy to spray paint parts that won't be seen).

For the cork board earring display, I used this spray adhesive to glue the fabric around the cork board and E6000 glue to adhere the cork board onto the back of the frame.

Both of these DIY Earring Holder Displays really are so easy to make, not to mention they are such a pretty way to display your earrings. 

Decor + functionality = Fabulousness- yeah, I now that's not a word but it is in my dictionary.

The wire earring display is perfect for your dangly hook earrings. You just hook them on and hook them off! 

The cork board earring display is perfect for studs that require a back piece to hold in place. I actually kept all the back pieces to my stud earrings in a nearby bowl so I wouldn't have to mess with that when taking earrings on and off my display. It just makes it so much easier. Can you tell I'm all for easy?


I'm so happy with how these displays turned out! They not only organize my earrings but also make for some pretty decor!


I love how they look on my nightstand and the touch of color makes my space extra happy!

What's your favorite way to display your jewelry? Would these earring displays be something you rock in your bedroom?

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