Fabric Covered Cork Board – DIY Fabric Cork Board

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Today I am going to show you how I gave this boring cork board one awesome (and fast) makeover!


Cork boards are super functional and help you get organized; but if you just buy the most basic one, you are ending up with a very BORING piece on your wall! However, if you look at the prices of the more stylish and jazzed up ones....well, let's just say I understand why you would settle for the plain and boring one! Obviously, I did too!

But your plain cork board doesn't have to stay like that! Why not give it a little makeover so it could display your calendars, pictures, goals and vision more proudly? A pretty cork board also gets you more excited about what's pinned on it!

Here's how I made over mine!

What you need:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (or you can use spray adhesive)
  • Nail gun (or you can just glue it to the back)
  • Optional: pins for decorating

After you cut your fabric according to your boards measurements, you want to make sure there are no wrinkles in your fabric- so get that ironing board and iron away, baby!

After your fabric is wrinkle-free place it on top of your board the way you want the pattern to be laid. Make sure that there is enough excess to staple (or glue) it to the back.


I used a glue gun, so I started with a corner and glued only the the edges closes to the frame. I did this all the way around...


Here it is with all the edges glued:


Now just turn your board upside down and staple away (you can read and see my stapling method here)


Once I was finished stapling, I turned it right side up again and decorated the edges with these black and white round pins I found at Target. Aren't they pretty?

And this is the final result!


The total cost of this project was just under $6!!!

$2.50 for the fabric-ON SALE!!!

$3 for the pins!

I had everything else already so this was one very inexpensive project with a very big transformation, for sure!

This cork board is actually going in our youth room at church so it's definitely going to add some much needed pattern to the room!

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