DIY Lucite Tray From Acrylic Box Frame

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 I cannot believe it took me this long to finally get around to making this DIY LUCITE TRAY.

After all, it's been a year since I first spotted this fabulous idea on Rain On A Tin Roof and told myself to make one ASAP. 

Well, ASAP obviously went out the window when procrastination came to visit.

Oh well. It's done now, I love it and that's all that matters.


Two important things you should know about this easy and fabulous DIY LUCITE TRAY:

One: It's made out of an acrylic box frame. Two: It will only cost you around 5 buckaroos to make.

Boom. And you're welcome.


These acrylic box frames come in different sizes too! I'm seeing a mini one in the near future (or a year later).

All you have to do is remove the back part of the frame which takes about 5 seconds and you have an instant Lucite tray!

But of course, you can add a dose of fabulous to an otherwise simple acrylic tray by popping in some craft paper to the bottom.


You can either place it directly on the bottom, use double sided tape or do what I did and use Mod Podge to glue and seal.

Super easy. Super pretty.


If you do use Mod Podge, make sure you allow your tray to dry for at least 24 hours so your decorative items placed in it don't stick to the paper and cause it to peel.

Yes, I've had that happen before and it's a total bummer.

And it's such a hoot picking items to display on your new Lucite tray!


Can you tell I've sort of started a knob collection? Every time I go into Hobby Lobby I spot the most beautiful knobs so I figured I would just start buying them and arrange them around the house.


Another thing I love about these DIY Lucite Trays is how great they could be in any room! In the bathroom holding your cotton and q-tip holders, in a bedroom holding perfume bottles and trinkets, In an office holding your essentials, or in a nursery or kid's room holding special keepsakes like their first pair of shoes.

Endless possibilities with these babies!

And at 5 bucks a tray, you could just fill your house with them till your heart is content!

I know that's what I'm going to do!

Where would you place one of these trays? What items would you put in it?

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