How to Make DIY Mini Cloche at Home

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Hello there!

By the time this goes live it will officially be Fall!!! I've been on a roll scheduling my posts in advanced. Sometimes I get in these modes where I just want to edit photos and write which is a lot of fun!


I am so excited to finally share this DIY MINI CLOCHE WITH PEDESTAL BASE I made with repurposed items. To say I love this little guy is an understatement. I adore it! I mean, look at's darling!

And the fact that this new fabulous piece of fall decor was made at the spur of the moment with things I had around the house is just awesome.

Anytime I can get crafty without having to go to the store is a good day for me.


Here are the items I repurposed to  make my Mini Cloche:


That's right, people. No rocket science here (is there ever?). 

A candlestick, saucer, candle jar and knob (I used the one that used to be on our TV stand before I made a small update) are all the repurposed items that were put together to create this mini cloche!

And because I already had all these items in my possession, this baby was free!

This is why I never throw away my candle jars!!! It's like throwing away gold to me! There's just so many fun ways to repurpose these little guys. I've made them into q-tip and cotton holders, used them to store makeup brushes and now this...seriously, can they get any better?

How to Make Mini Cloche at Home

1. I spray painted my candlestick and knob gold. Because gold is awesome.

2. I glued my candlestick to the bottom of a saucer I bought at Target for like 75 cents. 

3. I glued my knob to the top of an empty candle jar.

4. Then I just filled my diy cloche with some Autumn goodies!

So easy, easy I just want to make so many more and just have a family of them. It's just too darn cute!


Since we are approaching Autumn, I filled my mini cloche with rocks and a small acorn.

But you better believe I'll be using this petite beauty for every season. Think miniature pine trees for Christmas, paper flowers for Spring and seashells for Summer! 

Oh yes! It's going to be so much fun filling it up every season!

And because I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't have a Pinterest worthy picture, here it is! 

Pin away, my friends!


I still can't believe I just made this on a whim when I was wondering how I could display the acorns my daughter and I have collected at the park!

These spur of the moment creations are so much fun!

What other fun things can you think of displaying inside a mini cloche?

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