DIY Mirror Makeover

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Hello friends!

As Summer is wrapping up, I'm finding myself making small updates around the home. My newest obsessions is lightening up all the brown we have going on. I showed you how I painted our brown side tables a light gray in my Living Room Updates post, and that kind of got the ball rolling in the right (and fun) direction!

I have many brown things to paint on my to do list but this MIRROR MAKEOVER had to happen fast! I couldn't stand looking at the sad thing in my entryway much longer.


Gorgeous, right? But in its before state...not so much:


Three words to describe the before: plain, lifeless, brown. 

The good thing is that I have so much fun adding personality and color to a piece like this! Oh, and all the supplies would of cost only around $15.....but because I had a gift card to Hobby Lobby and one of the supplies already on hand, it was FREE!

Maybe I should name this post my FREE AND FABULOUS MIRROR MAKEOVER?


I LOVE mirrors (have you checked out my DIY Rope Mirror?)! And no, not just to look at myself in. I find myself doing less of that now that I have a kid. And when I do happen to catch a glimpse of my reflection, it's quite startling, let me tell ya. All I have to say is THANK. THE. LORD. FOR. MAKEUP.

I just love the way they help bounce some natural light in a room, can be used as faux windows and can even make a small room feel bigger!

Materials Used for this Mirror

  • Spray paint primer
  • Navy blue spray paint
  • Greek Key Ribbon (the same one I used for my curtains)
  • White rope decorative trim (same one I used for my DIY Nautical Art)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Mod Podge

How to Makeover Mirror at Home

1. The first thing I did was cover the mirror with aluminum foil and tape. Aluminum foil is such a quick and easy way to cover up areas that don't need to be spray painted!

2. I then took the painting party outside (and holy moly was it HOT) and spray painted the frame with 2 coats of my favorite primer.

3. After the primer was dry (and it dried so fast since it was 100 + degrees outside), I spray painted on 3 coats of the navy. Gorgeous color by the way!

4.  After letting the mirror dry outside for a couple hours it was brought indoors to add all the fabulous details!

The first thing I did was glue my Greek key ribbon along the edges with my beloved Mod Podge.

5. I let that set for 30 minutes and then sealed it with 2 coats of Mod Podge.

6. The last thing I did was glue my white ribbon decorative trim around the mirror. I added the ribbon to the two sections around the bubble like decorative detail of the mirror.


note: this ribbon decorative trim unravels when it's cut. I simply tape off the cut ends with satin tape:

You can see the decorative trim in more detail here:


I'm really impressed with how much I love the way this mirror makeover turned out for only spending a quick afternoon working on it!

I had it hung back up just a few hours later!


Have you done any quick makeovers lately? I hope it wasn't in the heat like I did- because I seriously almost passed out!

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