DIY Necklace & Bracelet Holders

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Remember when I showed you how I made my Tiered Jewelry Stand?

Well, I loved it for the time I had it but since I am in the process of getting inspiration for our master bedroom (read about here), I wanted to find a new solution for my jewelry storage.

Thus this beautiful, chic, with a touch of industrial necklace and bracelet holder was born.


And I love it!

Aside from it being gorgeous and stylish, it's also super easy and super cheap to make!

Mine were actually free since I had all the supplies already!

Double score!

What You Need

  • Hobby boards from Home Depot or Lowe's (they're around $2 each)
  • Nails (you can also use hooks or knobs)
  • Craft paint to pretty up the boards (you can also stain them)

How to Make a DIY Necklace and Bracelet Holder

1. Cut your boards to your desired width. I used leftover scraps from my DIY Drawer Dividers so I didn't need to do this.

You can choose to lightly sand your boards with 220 grit sandpaper but I didn't (honestly, I just got in too much of a hurry but it wasn't a problem).

2. Get your paint on: this is the fun part! Paint them a solid color or add some design like I did!

I painted mine in navy blue and added gold polka dots to one and arrow heads to the other. I used a q-tip for both designs!

3. After the paint dries (around an hour) decide where you want your nails to go and mark each spot with a pencil.

4. The first 2 nails you will hammer in will be on your first and last marking. Just don't hammer the nail all the way through. Just enough to keep the nail in place. These will be the first sections you will nail to the wall.


5. After you have your board nailed on the wall finish nailing in between the first two nails!

You're done!

Get your necklaces and bracelets out and have fun hanging them up!

I put mine in our walk in closet but you can display yours and include it as wall art 🙂


I just LOVE the way they turned out!

And I've never been happier to change my mind a lot. Had I not, my pretty jewelry would of been on hooks.

I think the nails give it a nice touch, don't you?

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