DIY Pallet Table – How to Make a Pallet Coffee Table at Home

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If you read my $45 Back Patio Makeover post that was a part of the Summer Spruce-Up Series, then you saw the awesome table I made out of a wood pallet. And I say awesome, not only because it looks gorgeous, but because the $12 I payed for paint was the only money I had to fork out to create it!

And today, I'm showing you how I made a DIY pallet table at home!

So, keep reading on to see how I made this gorgeous table and if this is not what are you looking for, at the end of this article, you will find a few other pallet table ideas I have found online which you can try.


This is the full of potential piece I started off with. In this photo I had already sanded the crap out of it! I should have taken a "before" picture but I, once again, got way ahead of myself! I seriously need to work on that!

For the legs, I used a 2 X 4 board that my hubby had laying around but you can pick a set on your local store.

I sawed four 18 inch pieces for the legs. I didn't want the table to be to low but you can saw them at your preferred length.

Then I drilled 3 holes where the screws would be inserted later.

My awesome hubby drilled the screws in by marking where the screws would go on the table and pre-drilling the holes there as well. This just made everything so much easier when it came to actually drilling the screws in!

After all four legs were screwed in, this is what we had to work with. Looking good!

As I was painting, I decided to add some detail to the corners of the table by adding pieces of the same board we used for the legs, cut in 3 X 3's.

I simply attached them with some nail and easy!

And it definitely added a lot more interest!

Once the nail glue was all dried, I finished painting the rest of the table a fun red (I just got the cheap outdoor paint in True Red from Walmart since this table will be put into storage during the winter months.)

Now, look at my little red beauty!

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

And check it out with all her accessories on!


You can check out more pictures here.

Pretty cool, huh?

So if you have a random pallet laying around or know somewhere that has them available, you can create a fun piece of outdoor furniture for next to nothing! And this project in particular was so easy and fast to make!

And if you are looking for a different table style, such as diy coffee table, then take a look at some of other ideas below:

DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

Here are some ideas to make DIY coffee tables made from pallets:

Pallet Coffee Table

This table model is made of two pallets, stacked and screwed with each on top of the other. You can cut and resize the pallets, based on your requirements. For extra mobility, you can add some casters to the bottom and it is done.

Depending on what type of wood are you using, you could create a easy diy coffee table with more or less rustic design, depending on what matches your room style better. You can also go and paint it a full color to match your style, just like I did with my pallet table below.

This kind of table is very useful to hold coffee table items, such as books, magazines or any other related item you frequently use in your living room. It has two shelves, and you can leave some un-finished book on the second shelf while you use the top shelf to place your coffee, tea or whatever you want.

Source: SewHomeGrown

Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top

This is another idea to create a coffee table out of pallets. This one has a more modern style, with glass sheet on top, to give it a more stylish look and match your overall interior design style.

This is even easier to build, with using just one pallet and one glass sheet. You need to buy and cut the glass to match the pallet dimensions. Any glass store can easily do that. Just make sure you have picked the right dimensions before cutting the glass.

For this project, it is recommended to go for modern style pallet, but you can choose to stain, whitewash, glaze or wax yours on whatever style you feel suits best your living room.

 I personally prefer to go for a more modern, white look, by just giving it a nice white paint coat, so it matches the overall white theme of the room. And by adding the glass on top, it looks even more stylish.

If you don’t have a carpet and want to easily move it around, grab a set of 4 casters and add them to the bottom of the pallet. Even though adding casters increases its mobility to move around, I personally think that it ruins the modern look of this pallet table.

Overall, this is one of the best DIY minimalist modern pallet coffee table you can make, with just one pallet and a custom cut of glass top.

Pallet Working Desk

If you are looking to make a custom DIY working desk out of pallets, then this would be the perfect project for you.

By making a DIY working desk, you will cut down the cost a lot since you can use a pallet board laying around and would buy just a few other supplies.

To make this happen, you will need 4 Vika Curry Legs which can be found at IKEA store, 1 pallet, a 5 mm ply wood and floor boards.

The plan is to create a simple, yet functional working desk, with storage space under the main desk.

That’s why we picked the 5 mm ply board. You need to place the pallet on top of the wood board and then place the legs under the board, so you create a storage space under the pallet.

To make it look more stylish, you can even give the pallet a quick paint coat before mounting. I prefer to go for a white pallet look and black legs but you can go for whatever combination you like.

After you finish painting, mount them all together and you are good to go. You have a fully working desk, with sturdy legs and storage space under to place notes, books or other working items.

It’s an easy and inexpensive project, which will allow you to have a perfectly fitting working desk, with just a few simple supplies and a little bit of your time.

Source: IkeaHackers

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