DIY Picture Ledges – Easily Make Picture Ledges at Home

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These awesome ledges are something I've been wanting to build for such a long time! At least 6 months! Why things we are itching to do end up taking a long time to make a reality, I don't know, but man am I glad this one is checked off my to- do list!


I first saw these ledges on, you can check them out here (along with step by step directions).

They're called $10 ledges because that's how much it costs to build one 8 foot ledge!

I tweaked her plans just a bit since our Home Depot didn't have any 1x2's.

To make both ledges I purchased three 1x4's and two 1x3's.

These come at 8 feet long and I cut mine to be 6 feet long or I would of had a wall to wall ledge.

I also cut one of my 1x4's in half to create a 1x2 for each ledge.


After putting everything together and sanding it down I painted them white in a semi-gloss finish.

Here's what it looked like before painting:

Want to guess where these babies ended up? 

Yup! My lonely wall I showed you in this post that was in desperate need of wall art!!


I'm happy to say that wall now looks like this:


I still have more art and photos to display in my new ledges but it's definitely a huge improvement (at least to me it is).


I chosse to keep all frames white so it gives a clean and fresh look and feel.

FYI: most of the smaller frames were purchased at the dollar store and spray painted white!

To check out other things I've spruced up with spray paint, click here!


I love how the lip of the ledge keeps frames from falling and breaking! Especially when you have a toddler who is constantly running around and bumping into walls!


If you want to know how I made my "Rock Art" you see displayed on top ledge, click here.

Since I cut my 8 foot boards to 6 feet I now have enough materials to make two 2 foot ledges! I think I will make those look rustic! Just to spice things up!

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