DIY Rock Art Crafts Ideas

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It was totally in my favor that I saw this post from Alyssa at Clever Nest before leaving on vacation with my family.

It inspired me to make this rock art that would remind us of the awesome time we would be having together.


Her awesome rock vacation keepsake set me on a mission as we enjoyed our day in Santa Monica Beach...

I collected a total of 15 fabulous rocks and 1 very old- but cool looking sea shell (bottom left corner) and couldn't wait to get home to make my keepsake!

I didn't take pictures for a tutorial but it's soooo easy to make your own rock art keepsake!

All I did was spray paint the rocks in clear (just like Alyssa did) to give them that wet look effect, used my glue gun and glued them to a piece of cardboard that I spray painted in an off white and then put them in my new shadow box I purchased in IKEA for $8!!!

That's it, folks! Easy enough, right? I think so!

But before you leave this super easy project post, ooh and ahh over my new fancy shmancy, didn't cost me much rock art:

Check out that cool looking shell on the bottom left corner!!


I love the wet look the clear spray paint gave them!!


Oh, and see that ledge it's standing on? I will tell you all about it VERY soon!!

What other things can you think of putting in a shadow box as a keepsake?

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