DIY Nautical Rope Mirror

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almost didn't blog about this fabulous rope mirror. For one, the idea is like a gazillion years old in blog-land and secondly, I actually made it in the beginning of the year and forgot about it. 

But it's obvious I said, what the heck and just went with it. Because after all, this DIY Rope Mirror is absolutely gorgeous, and it's so easy to make!


I made it before our Master Bathroom took a slight nautical turn (have you seen my DIY Nautical Wall Art?) and my inspiration were these stunning pieces from Pottery Barn.

Seeing that these were well over $200, I decided to make my own version which ended up costing me less than $10 since I always have rope on hand.

DIY Round Rope Mirror

I am going to show you two different versions, one round mirror and one square mirror. For making a DIY round rope mirror, you will need:

Supplies Needed

  • A round mirror (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Rope (Can be found at Lowes or Home Depot)
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Foam board ($1 at the Dollar Tree or Opt to Use Plywood instead of foam board)
  • Sawtooth frame hanger
  • A strong binding glue (to glue the mirror to the foam board- you do not want it to fall off! I used Liquid Nails)
  • Scissors
  • A small piece of wood (to insert your sawtooth hanger on)

How to Make Your Rope Mirror

1. Cut your foam board into a circle that is greater in circumference than your mirror. You can use a template such as a bucket but I just eyeballed it. The circumference of your foam board is going to determine how thick the rope portion will be.

2. Glue your mirror directly on the center of your foam board - I used Liquid Nails and let it sit overnight to ensure proper adhesion.

3. Using your hot glue gun, glue your rope around your mirror - this is the part that takes a while, depending on how big your circle is. Just keep going around your mirror until all the foam board is covered.

4. Turn your mirror over and cut out a small rectangular piece from the foam board so you can glue your piece of wood.

5. Once your small piece of wood is glued in that space and has dried, insert your sawtooth hanger.

And now you have a fabulous rope mirror ready to be hanged!!

My favorite part is all the texture!

I think the natural rope goes so well with our neutral gray walls in our bathroom but you can always choose to stain your rope for a deeper tone. Or you can spray paint it gold! There's really so many options to personalize your piece!

DIY Square Nautical Rope Mirror

If you don’t like the rounded shape mirror, then you can actually repeat a similar process to a square shaped mirror and make it look as good as a round one.

Here’s how to make a diy square nautical rope mirror.

Supplies Needed

  • Square Mirror (You can find some pretty basic ones for just a couple of dollars)
  • Old Board Backing (It will be glued behind the mirror and you are going to use it to attach the rope)
  • Glue (Preferred E6000 or any kind which will be compatible for gluing the mirror on the board)
  • Your preferred Rope (I recommend to go for a thin-to-medium thick rope, so it looks better on the mirror)


1) Now, to make this happen, start by grabbing the board and cutting it if it is larger than the mirror. Actually, you should cut it around 1 inch larger than the mirror, so there is enough room for the rope to stick around the mirror.

2) After you make the needed measurements and cut, give the board a quick clean to remove any dirt or other residue on the surface. Making sure it is cleaned will allow the glue to stick better.

3) After you clean the board, use the E6000 glue or your glue of choice and start applying it on several places on the board.

Don’t go overboard in one place as the pressure will cause it to spread and if the glue is close to the edges, it will start spreading out of the board.

It is better to apply small amounts of glue in multiple places. This way, there are no empty or unglued surfaces.

Then, stick the mirror on the board and apply a bit of pressure on different points to make sure it is fully glued.

4) Now, you should start placing the rope around the mirror.

To glue the rope, it is recommended to use hot glue. It will be easier to use and it is a lot cheaper than using professional expensive glue.

Start by applying a little bit of hot glue and then placing the rope on top. At the main points, usually on corners and at the end of the rope, apply a little bit more than usual glue, so it sticks better.

If you feel confident, you can even try and do some sections and loops on top of the mirror, which can be used later for hanging.

Also, to make this process a lot easier, you can cut and start new sections of rope to go around the mirror each time.

Depending on your board and mirror size, you should be able to do around 5-6 rows of rope around.

5) As for the final layer of rope, you can glue it on the backside of the board, just to make sure.

After you finish all the layers, make sure to glue all together the end of ropes where they all meet. If you go for a hanging loop at the end, you should leave a little bit of space, so you can put the loop and use it as a hanger.

To create a loop, you can either use rope, just like the one you used around the mirror, or use any other thread or rope you preferred to create a little bit of contrasting between them.

Wrap it a few times and then finish gluing everything together.

That’s it!

You should now have a square diy nautical rope mirror ready. You can decide if you either want to hang it on the wall or just place it on top of a cabinet.

If you go and hang it on the wall, make sure the rope is properly glued, so there is no possibility of the mirror falling of in the middle of the night.

As for the total price of this project, you should be able to make it at home for around $10-$12, taking in consideration that you get a basic mirror and the dimensions are not very large.

For a similar mirror, you can easily pay up to $150 if you go and buy it in store. That’s a lot of money, considering that this project is very easy and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.

So, are you tired of the "rope mirror" trend? I hope you enjoyed this project. 

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