DIY Rustic Deer Silhouette Art

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Hello friends!

Our little boy's nursery is coming along great thanks to some awesome DIY ideas and my second trimester burst of energy!

Speaking of the nursery, I'll have to do another update soon because I've totally changed what I had going on before.  It's becoming a Modern Rustic Nursery with some industrial touches and I couldn't be happier with the direction it's going! Eeek!

This DIY RUSTIC DEER HEAD SILHOUETTE is the perfect piece for incorporating the rustic aspect into this nursery and it was free to make. That's right friends, free. I had everything on hand and it sorta came together when inspiration struck. I love it when that happens, don't you?

It's easy and it doesn't even require you to use a handy dandy silhouette machine!


As I just mentioned, this project was absolutely free.

These wooden garden stakes that were collecting dust in our garage were what got the ball rolling.

You can see they are pointed on one end. I simply used a table saw to cut each "triangle" off each end. I didn't measure anything and I wasn't going for a uniform piece so I just went cutting happy. 

This was the first time I used a saw table without the aid of my hubby, so yes... I'm very proud of myself!

I used a total of 14 wooden stakes. Twelve for the actual front piece and two in the back to reinforce the previously mentioned 12 stakes.

I decided to just nail each piece into the reinforcement stakes but you could totally use screws instead of nails. It would be done so much faster, too!

When I had all wooden stakes securely nailed I added a saw-tooth hanger to the center of the top reinforcement stake to hang.

Here's a couple of pictures to illustrate how simple this design is.


I first used *Minwax Dark Walnut stain and once that was dry I went over it with Rustoleum Weathered Gray. Then I did a light white wash with white latex paint.

A little sanding later I had a nice rustic piece ready for my deer silhouette!

You can see my Easy Method for Transferring Text/Image to Wood here.

You just need a printer, *graphite paper and a pencil. Bam!


It was obvious that a deer silhouette printed on 8 X 11 paper was going to be too small for the wood background so I went on a quest to find a solution to print a larger image in sections.

I used this website (which is free to use) to print my image in multiple pages. You simply download your image, pick a size and it prints it in multiple pages. Kind of like a puzzle.

I then trimmed off any excess paper, taped all pages together and transferred my image to the wood using my easy method in less than 10 minutes! Take that fancy silhouette machine!

After I had a nice outline of my deer, I filled it in with white latex paint and let it dry. Then I lightly sanded the white paint for a more aged look.

I finally had the prefect rustic deer silhouette art for our baby boy's nursery!


I think I nailed it, don't you? And yes. Pun was totally intended.

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces I've made. Not only does it look fabulous in the nursery but it was made with my hands with lots of love!

What image would you transfer to a rustic piece like this?

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