DIY Rustic Industrial Chalkboard

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Confession time: I am extremely attracted to chalkboards. My chalkboard collection continues to grow and I don't think that will stop anytime soon.

Can you blame me? Who doesn't love chalkboards, right?

They're awesome. They're classic. They're useful. Their text can be easily changed with a swipe. Need I go on?

I'm also into touches of rustic and industrial in the home. Remember my Rustic Kitchen Sign and Rustic Coat Rack? That's evidence, people. Evidence that I'm on a rustic roll!

This fabulous DIY Rustic Industrial Chalkboard first made it's appearance in my Hanging Gold Leaves Art Fall Decor, but I wanted to show this little beauty in a post all of it's own because it's totally worthy of it, if I do say so myself.


The story of this chalkboard started with a birthday party. My daughter's birthday party to be exact. It was the first time we were hosting it in our house and since it was outdoors I thought it would be great to have a giant chalkboard for all the kids to doodle on.

All materials were bought with the said birthday party in mind.

All labor, all screw ups, all re-do's were a labor of love because I had to have a chalkboard for my daughter's birthday party.

Pretty awesome Mom, right? Don't answer. Just keep reading.

Well, the final product was finally finished and I stared at it long and hard. I admired it, I petted it, I scribbled on it just to test it out, you know.

It was at that moment I knew I could never let little hands touch this chalkboard. I know that sounds awful. I fell in love with it and its purpose changed just like that. It would no longer be used outdoors but stay indoors where it would stay nice and pretty. 

Apparently, I didn't have to have a chalkboard for my daughter's birthday party.

Just some sidewalk chalk and a sidewalk.

You can go ahead and answer the awesome Mom question now.

The kids had a blast though. Although, I did send them home covered in chalk dust so I'm sure parents just loved me that day.

Moving right along....

I actually don't have a step by step tutorial for you guys because I got way ahead of myself while putting it together and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

However, Liz from Love Grows Wild has a great one here. Perhaps I should have looked through her tutorial first and I wouldn't have used the wrong brackets for the straight cuts! It's okay though. I'm still quite smitten by this chalkboard!

But I do have a list of all items I used to put this baby together!

What You Need To Make A DIY Rustic Industrial Chalkboard

  • Two 1 x 3 boards (each board is 10 feet long)
  • MDF board in whatever size you like (mine is 2 x 5)
  • Chalkboard Spray Paint (or you can just buy the mdf chalkboard that's ready to go)
  • Wood stain (I used my favorite, Dark Walnut)
  • Four L brackets (as you can see I used L brackets when I should have used the straight ones since my cuts are straight...oops!!)
  • Liquid Nails (I used the liquid nails to glue my 1 x 3's to my board before screwing them in with the brackets, that way they wouldn't move around on me)
  • Screws

And here it is welcoming Autumn into our home!


I love these brackets (even if they are the wrong ones)! You can also age these brackets with a torch if you want a more worn out look! You can see how Liz did that here.


My favorite thing about this DIY chalkboard is its size! It's big enough to make a statement and goes perfectly in what used to be an awkward corner.


I can't wait to change it up with the seasons! Although, I really need to work on my chalkboard art! 

Are you into chalkboards in home decor? What about giant ones like this one?

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