DIY Stylish Book Covers

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Got ugly books? I got you covered!

Well, actually I have a quick tutorial that can get your ugly books stylishly covered in no time!


Meet two of my favorite books: The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. I and II (books laying horizontally).


Please note how some of my books are upside down! My daughter is constantly looking through them-which I don't mind at all! At least she puts them back! Or tries to at least. But you would think I'd notice and rearrange them before bombarding them with a photo session!

Although the stories in these two books are enticing, the covers.....not so much! They're not ugly, they're just plain and I felt these adventure packed books deserved a cover with a bit more pizazz! 

To make your super cool and stylish book covers, you will need:

  • Any paper or fabric of your choice (paper bag, gift bags, burlap, wrapping paper-anything!)
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tape (or glue if you want it to be permanent)

Super fast and easy tutorial:

1) Lay your book on top of your paper of fabric and measure the height of your book.

2) Also measure the width of your book when it is opened and add 2-3 inches to each side( I just opened mine at the middle to measure).

Those extra flaps will be what folds inside.

3) Fold each flap inside the book...

4) Tape to secure and you are finished!

 Your books have just gone from blah to fab in minutes!

Here is the final arrangement with my newly covered stylish books:


A bird just makes everything look extra awesome!

And I think he's proud to be sitting on top of these babies!


By the way, the paper I used was actually a table runner from Pick Your Plum (no, this is not a sponsored post). I ordered it in a hurry and didn't notice it was made of paper until after I had ordered it. I called right away to cancel, and two weeks later I still got it in the mail. I called to ask how I could return it since I did not pay for the item and they were kind enough to just let me keep it!

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