DIY Towel Hooks

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After a two month blogging break I am so excited to finally be back!!!!

Although I must admit, I feel like a newbie all over again! You should have seen me trying to edit my photos on PicMonkey. You'd think I'd remember the flow of things...but nope.

I also want to let you guys know that I will only be posting once (maybe twice) a week until I get a new laptop. Mine is incredibly slow and I'm sure it takes me twice as long to blog than it should.

With that said....let's roll.

During the summer I saw this amazingly easy project over at Landee See Landee Do, and so it happened that Selene saw and Selene did.


How could I pass this fabulous alternative to the plain ol' towel bar???

Well, I didn't.


I love how these towel hooks look with my DIY'd Floor to Ceiling Shower Curtain too!


These DIY towel hooks are so easy and fun to make!

I purchased a couple wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby, painted them white and added gray stripes with a sample of Martha Stewart's Nimbus Cloud.

Then I drilled these fabulous black hooks (also found in Hobby Lobby), added four Command strips to the backside, pressed them to the wall and threw the towels on!

I didn't think the Command strips would hold up the weight of the towels (especially when wet) but so far so good! It's been a few months and I haven't had any issues.

I even made a smaller version and hung it by the sink:


You can check out the tutorial here, if you'd like!

My favorite part is that I don't have to fold the towels and make sure they're even anymore. 

Now I just throw the towel back on the hook and forget it!


Maybe a little.

As always, question and comments are appreciated 🙂

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