Homemade Glass Cleaner

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Hello there friends!

I hope you've all had one fabulous week! I've been painting our master bedroom and spending lots of time with the little one so I haven't been posting my regular 2 posts per week....oops. 

Today, I just HAD to share this homemade recipe to the best GLASS CLEANER you will ever use and need! I call it my NO-FAIL, SUPER AWESOME HOMEMADE GLASS CLEANER! Guys, you will love it!

Sure, the title may seem a little much and over dramatic, but trust me, once you put this baby to use I think you will agree!


Since ditching my chemical filled household cleaners, I've been on the hunt for an all natural alternative to my once beloved Windex. I've tried a half and half mixture of water and white vinegar but I wasn't quite loving it. It did an okay job but I really wanted my windows and mirrors to shine. Asking for too much?

And then, I found it. The best glass cleaner I've ever tried! I came upon a pin that led me to this amazing recipe from One Hundred Dollars A Month. I immediately made the recipe and it was love at first spray and wipe!

Not only is this concoction the absolute best glass cleaner I've ever tried but it's so easy to make AND you probably already have all ingredients on hand!

Woohoo for no extra trips to the store!

What You Need to Make All Natural Glass Cleaner

  • An empty and clean spray bottle (I got mine at Dollar General for a buck)
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Corn starch
  • 2 cups warm water

Yes! You read that last ingredient correctly. Cornstarch!! That's the "secret ingredient" that makes this glass cleaner so effective!! Who knew, right?

How to Make Homemade Glass Cleaner


1. Mix your cornstarch with your 2 cups warm water and pour it into your spray bottle (I found this to be the easiest way to get the cornstarch in there as oppose to trying to get it in the spray bottle neck by itself).

2. Add your alcohol and vinegar.

3. Shake, shake, shake!!

This will not be a clear glass cleaner since the cornstarch gives it a slight milky color. But seriously, who cares about the color? This stuff could be booger green and I would still use it because it works so well!

Note: You will need to shake your bottle before each use.

I use this homemade glass cleaner on my mirrors and it leaves them so sparkly clean! With that said, I don't use paper towels. Instead I use this Windex 2-in-1 Window Cloth and it works wonderfully with the glass cleaner.

My mirrors have never been cleaner and sparkly!


I also use it on my windows and I just love how quickly the built up dust just swipes away with minimal effort.

There's something so refreshing about clean windows!


I hope you give this recipe a try!! I don't think you will be disappointed!

And if you're into all natural cleaning, check out how I clean with vinegar, my all natural furniture polish and my favorite DIY air freshener,  

With that said, what is your absolute favorite homemade cleaner? I would love to hear about it!

1 thought on “Homemade Glass Cleaner”

  1. Tried this on my car windshield. Evidently it doesn’t cut road scum because after 3 tries, inside and out there were still smeary streaks. My recipe contains dish liquid and ammonia as well as vinegar and alcohol. All I did was add a T of corn starch thinking it would handle that oily residue. I did use paper towels since I had nothing else.


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