How to Get Soft & Smooth Lips (2 Easy Steps to Try)

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Hello there!

My sweet friend Madalyn from Home Hearted was kind enough to send me two AMAZING LIP PRODUCTS from her Etsy Shop the other day and I just have to share!

This isn't a sponsored post; I am in no way receiving compensation for this nor did she send me the products to be reviewed, just out of the kindness of her heart.

But because I love them so much I thought I'd whip up a post about HOW TO KEEP YOUR LIPS FROM GETTING CHAPPED and incorporate her products.


As a child I constantly struggled with severe chapped lips. I'm talking cracked, bleeding and ring ring around mouth from licking them chapped!

It was awful. And not to mention- painful!

My only remedy for chapped lips at the time was- you guessed it: lip balm.

It did a good job of soothing them temporarily, but without my lips constantly bathed in lip balm, they were in BIG trouble!

I was constantly applying lip balm. ALL. THE. TIME. 

No joke.

Lip balm was my companion. If I happened to forget it or run out I freaked because I knew what that meant- painful and gross lips.

I could easily go through one lip balm in a week or two.

This went on well into my early teens until I discovered the one thing my lips were missing!


I didn't realize that lip balm was only soothing the outer layer of my lips that was already damaged. I needed something to remove the dead skin cells on my lips and get all those moisturizers deep down.

2 Steps to Keep Lips Soft and Smooth

1. Exfoliate your pucker with a lip scrub.

This is so simple yet so important since it makes the second step work so much better! Without this step you will only be trying to heal the dryness on your lip's top layer of skin- and trust me...there is no lip balm out there able to do that without first ridding your lips of those nasty outer layers!

Exfoliating your lips helps remove dead skin cells and bring out those new fresh layers. It also promotes blood flow to that area. After exfoliating your lips you will notice how soft, smooth and pink they are! It's amazing!

I normally use my DIY Lip Scrub but I've been using the one Madalyn sent me because it's awesome!! And i just love the way it smells!!


2. Seal the deal with a good lip moisturizer.

This ensures that your lips get hydrated and it helps lock in moisture. Choose a lip balm with natural moisturizers like Shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil. All of which aid in nourishing and repairing your lips.

How Often to Exfoliate Lips?

How often you exfoliate your lips is total preference. Although, I wouldn't recommend doing it daily since you can over do it and cause damage.

I like to do it 2-3 times a week, depending on the weather and the current condition of my pucker.

As for the lip balm- EVERYDAY! And if you're going to be outdoors, use one with an SPF in it. 

Since lip balm was such a regimen for me, I still find myself applying it quite often- probably 5 times a day. And I always apply it under my lipstick or lip gloss if wearing any.

And don't forget to apply it before bed so you wake up with soft lips in the morning!

I am a lip balm junkie- so when Madalyn sent me this Vanilla Lip Balm and Plumping Lip Scrub I was ecstatic and eager to try them out.

Needless to say, they have become my favorite from my stash!


I know this post is so elementary, but I figured someone else out there may be in the same predicament I once was in and could use the simple yet effective answer: exfoliating your lips!

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