How to Keep Your Glass Shower Door Clean?

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Having a super clean bathroom is essential for everyone. Starting from the tools, appliances, mirror and other things, such as shower cabin or wash basin, they are all very important to have an enjoyable experience in the bathroom.

One of the main appliance which get dirty really fast, is the shower cabin, especially the glass door. Just like any other bathroom fixture, it will constantly be subjected to moist conditions which can lead to a build-up of mineral deposits and stain the glass.

Due to our daily busy schedule, we may skip the cleaning process every now and then and finding some time to really clean the shower door proves to be difficult.

That is why in today’s article, I will show you how to easily clean your dirty glass shower door. You do not have to worry about the soap scums and hard water stains on the glass door as there are several tactics and simple techniques you can try to make it look shiny again.

Why the Glass Shower Door Keeps Getting so Dirty?


Being exposed to humid conditions and moisture all the time, is definitely one of the main reasons why the shower glass door gets so dirty. The mixture of water and soap will stain your shower glass door. This is because water contains a variety of minerals like magnesium carbonate and calcium. When these minerals react with soap, they form a solution known as soap scum that will stain the glass door. The hard water spot forms when the water drops dry on the glass.

The damp conditions in the bathroom also create an ideal environment for mold to grow. For someone to keep their shower glass door grime-free and clean, prevention is key. You can use a squeegee on the door after using the bathroom every time. It will help prevent hard-water spots from building up and this will help you to do a deep clean more rarely.

Down below you can find a detailed guide and some useful tips on how to clean and maintain your shower glass door.

Useful Tips to Clean you Shower Door Easily

Here are a few tricks to try and clean your bathroom's shower door easily:

Use a Squeegee


Normally, many shower door installers will provide you with a squeegee. This is aimed at informing you that even if your shower glass door has a protective coating or is hydrophobic, it will still require to be cleaned.

Using a squeegee to clean your shower glass door will prevent residual build-ups from accumulating and also remove the water and soap stains. A simple routine of using a squeegee every day will help keep your shower glass door clean. The good thing about a squeegee is that it cleans your glass door quickly hence will not take too much of your valuable time. However, one must emphasize to everyone who uses the shower to abide by that routine.

Ensure that you use your squeegee as soon as you are done with the shower. You should start from one of the top corners and apply a little pressure onto the squeegee, then drag it down. You will notice that the water will also run down as you wipe down. Do this again while overlapping the area you just cleaned by about an inch and a half until all the water droplets on your shower glass door are gone.

Using Water and Vinegar


This is another easy and inexpensive way of keeping your shower clean using a method that is friendly to the environment and very simple.

What you need to do is mix one part of white vinegar with three parts of distilled water. You should then pour the solution in a spray bottle which will be a good way of using and storing it. The next thing you do is spray the mixture of water and vinegar on your shower glass door and leave it for about five minutes especially if the hard water stain or soap scum looks tough to get rid of. You can spray more of this solution if it appears to dry up.

Next thing you should do is use a towel to wipe the removed stain off or rinse the solution with warm distilled water. You can also use paper to wipe the stains off and it will not cause any glass streaks. Just have in mind to only use an item that is not abrasive when cleaning your glass door.

Cleaning the Shower Door with Lemon

This is another simple and DIY solution you can try. The first thing you do here is cut a lemon in half and then dip the cut side on baking soda. You should then rub the stained spots with the lemon that has baking soda. A reaction between baking soda and the acid from the lemon takes place and produces a sudsy foam. You should then wipe your glass door and the stains will be removed. The advantage of using lemon and baking soda is that your bathroom is left with a fresh lemon scent which is pleasant and all-natural.

When is the Best Time to Clean Shower Glass Door?


If you plan to have a quick and easy cleanup, you should always plan to wipe the shower glass door right after the last person is done with the shower for the day. What makes this time ideal to clean your shower door is because the warm water normally makes the stains a little bit easy to remove. You can use a foam cleaning pad or a sponge to wipe the glass clean and dry. Doing this on daily basis will ensure that your door remains clean and as good as new.

What are the Best Tools to use on your Shower Glass Door for Cleaning?


One thing that needs a little attention is the tracks or the edges of your shower glass door. This is because soap scum can get trapped here and forgotten and they are also prime targets for mold development. One tool which can effectively clean the metal frame on the edges of the glass door is a toothbrush. A paint scraper can also effectively get the gunk off the edge of the glass door. You can also use a razor blade scraper to gently scrape off the mineral spots of the glass. Ensure the blade is inclined at a 45-degree angle so that it does not scratch the glass.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the cleaning tips discussed above, your shower glass door will always shine without any water spots. Even though there might be water spots on the glass, you can still easily remove them using the techniques shown above. All the mentioned tips and tricks are simple, easy to use and don’t cost you anything since are all done with simple home supplies.

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