How to Make a Rosary Chain

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Did you know that the rosary is not only used in Christianism but is also used by other religions as well? These prayers beads are referred to as malas by Buddhists, Japa mala in the Hinduism religion, and Subha in Islam.

One thing to note is that these rosaries have different meanings for every religion. They also vary in terms of their colors and the number of beads used. The material used to make the chain differs as well. In fact, in Buddhism, one can own various rosaries such as wood or metal. The type of meditation determines one’s choice of bead material.

Rosaries are mainly found in religious book centers as well as places of worship. You may also buy them online. What’s more, is that you don’t always have to buy a rosary and can actually make one for yourself with just a few simple supplies and tools.

Keep reading this guide to learn how you can make your chain using rosary beads at home.

What is a Rosary?


Before jumping into how to make a rosary chain, let's give a short explanation what is a roasary exactly.

For anyone that doesn't know, a rosary is a length of breads and other attachments strung together on a metal chain or cord. It is used in several religions, especially in the Catholic religious practice as a devotional tool to focus your attention to the prayer and ecourage meditation on the life of the Jesus Christ.

Required Tools & Supplies

You can make rosary beads from different materials. These beads are usually oval-shaped or round with a smooth surface. There’s no limitation in terms of color and shape when choosing a rosary chain.

Below are the tools and supplies required to make rosary beads:

  • Two pairs of Pliers: You will need the flat-nose pliers for holding and controlling the pieces. You will also need the ‘rosary pliers’ for cutting the wire. Most rosary pliers have in-built wire cutters. However, if yours doesn’t have one, then you need to buy a wire cutter.
  • Fifty-three small beads of about 6-8mm of your desired color: Since the rosary beads have five sets, you will need ten for each set and then use the other three for the “Hail Mary.”
  • Six beads of different sizes, which you will use as ‘separators.’ It would be best if you always used anything from 8mm and above
  • Fourteen pieces of chain with three to four links. This chain will connect all the rosary components
  • Fifty-nine wire or eye pins
  • One medallion which is also known as a center for representing a particular biblical event
  • One cross
  • Four jump rings: three of them are linked to the medallion and while the one is attached to the crucifix
  • Several gift boxes if you plan on giving it to someone or are planning to start a business

Things to Have in Mind

It’s standard for the Christian rosary chain to have five sets, each with ten separate beads. This structuring of five sets is a portrayal of the wounds on the body of Christ while he was on the cross. Therefore, you should note that the arrangement of rosary beads is the significant aspect of the rosary and not their colors or shapes.

It would be best to understand your intentions as well as the different prayer devotions before making your rosary chain. This knowledge will guide you in using the correct arrangement of the rosary beads. Christians follow various approaches when making prayer devotions.

Each approach is different. For instance, the Divine Mercy has a specific bead arrangement as well as words to recite during the prayer. The Holy Rosary is the most compound devotion. It would help if you first understood all other devotions before learning it.

Also, if you are learning how to make the rosary chain to start a business, it would be best to seek help from your pastor to guide you on the various types as well as help you spread the word about your business to the members of the community.

Instructions on How to Make Rosary Beads

1. Lookup pictures of rosary beads online to give you an idea of the end product.

2. Gather all your tools and supplies and place them in one area.


Required Supplies - Credits: Potomae Bead Company

3. Cut the chain. Typically, it would be best if you had one that’s 8 inches long. You will then need to use your rosary pliers to cut into 14 pieces, each having three links. Make sure to use moderate force to prevent the tiny pieces from flying all over.

4. Once this is done, you need to gather all the beads and fasten them with the eye pins. You’ll notice the loops on one end of all eye pins. Therefore, you’ll insert the beads on the free end. Using the flat-nose pliers bend the pin at a 90-degree angle towards the same direction as the existing loop. Do this for all the fifty-nine rosary beads.


5. Line up the looped beads into five sets, each with ten rosary beads of the same size. These sets require only require 50 beads. Use the remaining nine to create one set using three beads and another using the six large beads.

6. Connect each set by slightly twisting one end of the loop and inserting it to the next bead, then close the loop.


7. Now that all the five sets are intertwined, insert the chain on each end of the set. So, for each of the five sets, you should have a chain connected to the loop. Do this by twisting the loop to create an opening for the chain to pass through. Again, ensure you’re gentle to avoid opening the entire loop.

8. Take the set that has the six large beads and link four out of the six beads to the ends of the five sets. The goal is to separate the five sets using these large beads.

9. Your medallion can either be of Mary or “our father.” The medallion has three jump rings; two are on the upper side and one below. Insert the chains on the free end of the rosary bead sets to the two medallion rings. Only the lower end of the medallion should be free.

10. As for the lower end of the medallion, insert a chain. Connect it to one of the two remaining large beads that were not linked to the five sets.

11. Now take the crucifix. You will notice that it only has one jump ring. Connect this ring to one of the pieces of chain. Then add the final large bead.

12. You should have two free ends; one on the crucifix and another on the medallion. Connect these two ends using the chains.


DIY Rosary - Credits: Potomae Bead Company

13. Voilà! You have your complete rosary chain

DIY Homemade Rosary Chain (Video Tutorial #1)

DIY Homemade Rosary Chain (Video Tutorial #2)

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