How to Make Styrofoam Art (Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Process)

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Hi everyone! A couple weeks back I made a fun piece (thank you Pinterest and to go on top of my china cabinet (that was in serious need of something extra) so I thought I'd share what I did with you today. You only need 3 things (very inexpensive, I may add) to complete this project: styrofoam, fabric, and glue! And yes, you guessed it! We are going to wrap the styrofoam in fabric to create a quick and unique piece of art!

Here is the finished project standing behind a black frame:


How to Make Styrofoam Art

This is a quarter of fabric I purchased at Joanne for under $2:


I used Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive Glue- you can buy this at any craft store:


Here is the fabric, all laid out. It was kind of wrinkled so I ran an iron through it quickly to smooth it out:

This is the piece of styrofoam I purchased for under $5 got it, Joanne. As you can see I've already cut it in half. You can do this with a knife. Just be very careful not to apply too much pressure to the styrofoam or it will break! Oh, and don't cut yourself either!


  Here is how I wrapped the styrofoam:

Lay your fabric right side down, and then your styrofoam on top of it. Make sure your pattern in neatly aligned, especially if it's a striped pattern.

Begin to glue one side. You can add the glue to the fabric or the styrofoam. If you add it on the fabric, like I did, make sure you don't glue the fabric past the styrofoam.

Press gently to ensure proper adhesion:

Repeat on the other side. Your piece should look something like this:

Next glue the corners by neatly tucking in the fabric to the edge of the styrofoam like so:


And then bring in the flap (rest of fabric) and glue:

This is what mine looked like. Now repeat on the other corner:

This is what the back piece should look like once you are finished gluing every side:

After your corners are securely glued in place, glue the fabric that connects the two corners you just glued.

Repeat on other side.

And tada! Here is the finished project:


I also tried placing my new "art" piece on top of my kitchen cabinets, but ultimately decided the china cabinet needed it most:


You could also hang this piece on your wall by gluing some ribbon to the back piece to be able to hang it. I plan on doing this with thicker styrofoam at some point. I've seen some tutorials that use canvas but the styrofoam is a frugal alternative. You can even use shoebox lids like shown in the blog I linked in the beginning!

This project came in at around $7, not including the glue that I already had on hand! And I still have the other half of styrofoam just waiting to be wrapped up!

Thank you for reading! If you try this project out, let me know how you like it! Have a super fun wrapped day!

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