Painted Bathroom Cabinets & Hardware Makeover

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What's sadder than worn cabinets with no hardware?

The fact that it took us 4 years to change these babies!

But boy are we glad we finally did! And in this case, it was better late than never!

See the before and after for yourselves:


I decided to go with the classic white since our walls are a light blue and everything in the bathroom promotes a calm, airy and fresh effect.

It's also a small bathroom, so keeping things light makes it feel bigger (at least to me).

Here are some pictures of the progress. You can see from the last picture where the cabinets are all painted but are still sans hardware, what a huge difference adding hardware makes!

I officially LOVE hardware!


Here's a close up of the hardware I purchased from Home Depot at a very budget friendly price!


And heck, the cabinets are so gorgeous they're worth looking at again:


This is the second time I've painted cabinets but this time was much easier compared to when I did our kitchen since there were a lot less cabinets to paint.

And if you're wondering how I paint my cabinets, here is a list of my process:

1. Clean base and cabinets thoroughly with warm water and soap. Allow to dry completely.

2. Lightly sand base and cabinets. I used 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum all your dust particles and wipe off again.

3. This is where you would PRIME. But I always use Behr's Paint and Primer in one and skipped this step with no problems whatsoever, so long it's a porous surface (you can read about my almost painting catastrophe on a non porous surface here.)

4. Allow to dry between coats. I applied 3 coats and had great coverage.

For reference I used Behr's Ultra White in Satin (I'm just not a fan of semi-gloss or gloss). I used the same finish for my kitchen cabinets and have not had any problems wiping off any grime. And that's with a hubby who is a messy cook!

What is your favorite color for bathroom cabinets? Do you have any tips for getting the job done?

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