Rustic Nursery Decor

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Hello friends!!

I am beyond excited to finally be sharing the reveal of our little man's Modern Rustic Nursery. My due date is in 9 days and it's nice to know everything is finally ready for his arrival!

It's been fun sharing all the DIY's that went into the making of this nursery and I will be linking to them throughout the post in case anyone missed them.

Many of you may remember that I didn't have a very clear direction of where I was taking this space in the beginning. I had plenty of inspiration but I'm not the kind of gal that plans every detail and puts together a mood board. Going with the flow just seems to work better for me and it hasn't failed me thus far so I'm sticking with it!

Rustic Nursery Decor

I loved the challenge of designing this space! For one, it's small so I had to get creative in making some pieces multi functional. Second, there is only one wall where the crib could go so I had to work everything else around the crib.

But it worked out in the end!! Yay!! Take that small room!

Without further ado, let's get to the fun part.....all the pictures! And pictures there were warned!

This is what you see upon entering the small nursery. I love the letter 'E' on the door that I made with a wooden letter from Hobby Lobby and some craft paper. 'E' is for Ethan by the way.

Here is the little corner that holds the crib. I kept wall art simple with two pieces from Hobby Lobby and one piece made by me.


This Modern Rustic Crib Mobile is my favorite!! I had so much fun making this piece with a branch my daughter brought in the house a couple years back. Thank you, Lily!


The No Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt was not only easy to make but completed the simple crib bedding nicely. I didn't want fussy crib bedding. I wanted clean, simple and modern.


Now to the corner where I will be spending lots of time feeding, rocking and cuddling Ethan!

I kept the glider I used with my daughter and recovered it with a couple of euro shams and glued a ribbon down the middle. I also distressed the edges of the glider.

This DIY Rustic Deer Head Silhouette (easy method) was actually the very first wall art that went up and it's what got the room flowing towards Modern Rustic.

I made the other two animal silhouettes using the same method but painted the wood with fun colors to bring in more color into the room.

My hubby and I made this ottoman together, which translates to me giving him the plans I found online and watching over him as he made every cut. Then he watched over me as I upholstered the top to make sure I was pulling it tight enough, to which I reminded him that this wasn't my first rodeo. (Blog post for ottoman coming soon).

I HAD to have a gallery wall in this nursery and since the room colors are mostly neutral it had to be a colorful one. Gotta have me some color, especially in a kid's room!

All pieces were made by me (I used some free printable for a couple) and the painting below the letter 'E' was made by Lily for her little brother. She made sure to incorporate her favorite colors, pink and purple.

I call this space the dresser/toy storage/diaper changing station.

For now, most of Ethan's clothes are hanging in the closet and the everyday essentials like burp cloths and onesies are in these bins. As he gets older and accumulates more clothes and toys, I will be adding a tall dresser in his closet and this will solely be for storing toys.

I painted this old lamp base with my DIY Chalk Paint, distressed it a bit and added this charcoal lampshade that I trimmed with ribbon.

The metal basket next to it holds diapers, baby wipes and lotions.

These hooks purchased from Hobby Lobby are perfect for hats and the milk crate on the floor is perfect for storing even more toys. His sister has been donating more than a few so he already has quite the stash.

This is the wall opposite the only window in the room. Crib on one side and book ledges on the other!

These Rustic Book Ledges are actually behind the door. It was the only wall space I had to work with so we made it work! I love it because it takes up no floor space whatsoever which is a huge plus when working with a small room.

Now we just need our little man to complete the room! I'm sure he will add to the cuteness factor big time!

This pregnancy went by so fast and I can't believe he will be here sometime this month! Lily was born at 9.9 pounds a week after her due date so I'm sure my Dr. won't let me go too much past my due date.

I have a couple posts planned for the next week but once the baby gets here I will obviously be taking a couple months off from blogging. You can follow me on Instagram since I will most likely be updating more on there in the next couple of months.

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