Upcycled Candle Jar Lids

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Today I'm bringing you another up-cycling project, friends!


Remember when I showed you these babies in my $72 Office Space?

Well  I'm going to show you how I made them!


As you all may know, I always save my candle jars and re-purpose them.

This girl just doesn't throw away good glass, you know.

But I've never thought of doing anything different with the lids...that is until now!

Go ahead, pin away that fantastic pinnable image above!

My creative juices must have been really flowing the night I whipped these babies up!

And it was perfect: I already had some great fabric to clothe them in!

But of course yours can stay in the nude.

Or you can spray paint them...whatever floats your boat.

How to Upcycle Candle Jar Lids into Mini Magnetic Memo Board

1. Cut your fabric into a circle that's a little bigger than your candle jar lid.

It doesn't have to be cut perfectly since it's going to be glued to the backside anyway.

2. Start by gluing two opposite sides and repeat on other side.

Then just glue all the in between little pieces.

3. I HIGHLY recommend you use the tip of a pen to press down the fabric into the edges!

If I hadn't had done this, all that HOT glue would have been on my finger!


Been there. Done that. Not fun.

One you finish gluing all your fabric you will have yourself some cute mini magnetic boards!

How cool is that?


Use them to display important memos or something fun!

I have one of my favorite scriptures on one and the Valentine's card my daughter gave me on the other!

Do you have any other uses for candle jar lids?

This girl buys a lot of candles so that means I have a lot of lids!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    • I looked this up for that exact question!😊 I want to hang a bunch on my wall but think they’ll fall off when I remove the magnet. Did you figure it out?


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