How to Make DIY Floor Pillows (No Sew Required)

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Hello, friends!

These easy DIY No Sew Floor Pillows are the result of my hubby and daughter loving to chill on our area rug during movie nights. We have amazingly comfortable couches, yet movie night after movie night these two always end up on the floor.

More power to them, but I'm a couch type girl. Laying on the floor does not intrigue me at all!

Even though we have a very comfortable area rug, I figured it would be nice to make them some floor pillows that they could use for extra comfort while we all enjoy a movie together.

I'm telling you guys, these are the easiest no sew floor pillows, ever! You don't even need to measure with my lazy but oh so effective method! But my mathematician friends need not worry, I also included a formula for you, so you can get down with your bad measuring self!


So, what did I use for these No Sew Floor Pillows?

1. For the inserts I used two euro pillows I was using on our bed. But since a makeover for that room is in the near future, I figured I could buy new ones! Euro pillows are the perfect size for floor pillows! And they're comfortable, too!

2. Instead of using my usual hem tape, I used fabric glue. Three words: SO. MUCH. EASIER.

3. I purchased 1 1/2 yards of each fabric from my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby.

How to Make the Cuts for Floor Pillows

For the width:

Using my lazy method: simply lay your pillow on top of your fabric, add 2 inches (so you can glue 1 inch on each side), make a marking and that's your width!

For your measuring loving people: measure the width of your pillow form and add 2 inches.

Example: if the width of your pillow is 24 inches, the total width of your fabric will be 26 inches.

For the length:

Using my lazy method: place your pillow form on the middle of your fabric and bring the top portion of fabric over the pillow adjusting it as you go along. You want the top of the fabric to cover half the pillow. Now bring the bottom portion of the fabric over your pillow and mark where it meets your top portion of fabric, add 3 inches and make your marking. You want the bottom of the fabric to overlap the top of the fabric to give room for the pillow insert (See photo collage below).

If you prefer measuring to my lazy method: just measure the length of your pillow, multiply by 2 and add 3 inches.

Example: if the length of your pillow is 24 inches your math will look something like this:

24 X 2= 48

48 + 3=51

51 is the total length of fabric you'll need!

This proves I can do math but obviously still avoid it at any cost.

Does it sound crazy that I do all this just to avoid measuring? Oh well, we all have our quirks!

Here's a photo collage illustrating how your one piece of fabric should wrap around your pillow form:


Now for the super easy and fast tutorial!!!

How to DIY the Easier than Ever No Sew Floor Pillow

1. Lay your fabric print side up and bring the top portion to the middle.

2. Next bring your bottom portion upward and overlapping the top portion by 3 inches.

3. Glue the 3 inches where the fabric overlaps but only on the sides. Do not glue the whole strip together or there will be no opening to insert your pillow!

4. And lastly, glue the 2 sides of the fabric.


DIY Floor Pillows

Once I had everything glued, I waited an hour to turn my pillow cover right side out and insert my pillow form. 

I also want to add that I didn't' bother "hemming" the back of the pillow cover where the fabric overlaps. I could have glued it down 1/2 an inch to create a hem but opted not to....maybe I should have called this post the Lazy Way To DIY a Floor Pillow!

Now my two favorite people in the world each have their own comfy floor pillow to relax on while we enjoy our Summer movie nights!


And they're not a bad addition to my home decor, either!! I keep them next to our T.V. stand and I just love the color and patterns they add to our Living Room!


Please pretend you didn't see those nasty cords under the T.V. stand! I need to get on that ASAP and I just know my blogging friend, Lisa is having a cow right now!! 

But aren't they oh so pretty?!!


These were so much easier to make than my No Sew Pillow Covers Made from Napkins!

The fact that you are only working with one long strip of fabric as opposed to two just makes a world of difference!

Do you cut any corners when you are DIY'ing?

Down below are some other great diy floor pillow ideas I came across and I thought are worth sharing:

5 DIY Homemade Floor Pillows

1. Cute DIY Button Pillow

If you have scrap fabric or some old sheet of fabric laying around and want to get use of it, then you can turn it into an adorable little button shape pillow.

I really like this idea since the pillows look cute and cool thanks to its button look.

Overall, these floor pillows are meant to be small but you can adjust them based on your liking and based on how much fabric you have. The complete pattern requires around three quarters of a yard of fabric, so you can just double that amount to make the pillows a little bit larger.

You will see that these type of pillows are easy and adorable when you finish them.

Tutorial: Curbly

2. IKEA Hack Floor Pouf

The next project which I thought is pretty cool and worth sharing are these IKEA Floor Poufs.

Huge floor poufs are one of my favorite ones and you can make these for less than $10 in total.

These type of pillows are made of IKEA floor mats, depending on how many are you going to do, and they only cost around $3-4 each.

One thing which you may not like is that these models do require some sewing, but don’t be afraid since you don’t need to be any sewing expert. If you know what you are doing, you will finish the whole project in just a few hours.

Tutorial: Retropolitanhip

3. Huge DIY Folding Floor Cushion

This one is pretty cool since it consists of one large folding floor pillow rather than making several small cushions.

It is perfect for placing on the floor and relaxing, to watch a movie or just to relax. It can even be used as an extra bed for sleepovers.

It is super simple to make and you will only need about two-three yards of fabric, depending on how large you want the floor cushion to be.

And, the best part? It is fully foldable. So, when you don’t need it no more, you can just simply fold up and easily store it wherever you have a little bit of closet space.

If you plan to use it outside of your living room, just make sure to pick some durable, outdoor fabric and it will be perfect for laying outside and catching some sun.

Tutorial: Youandmie

4. DIY Squared Patchwork Floor Cushion

Even though I am a big fan of rounded shaped cushions, this diy squared floor pillow really catched my attention when I first saw it online.

It has a more traditional design than other projects and consists of a patchwork design pattern.

You can make this with different colors or fabric to match your overall living room design and theme. Also, you can put in use your old leftover fabric from other projects.

It will require some sewing but at the end, you will have a huge square cushion that you can use as a pet bed or as an extra seating when you need it.

This is a great project for upcycling leftover fabric scraps from several other projects and putting it all together into one big floor pillow.

Tutorial: Twinkleandtwine

5. DIY Bohemian Style Floor Cushion

This is a little bit unique when compared to other projects since it has a bohemian style. It can look great especially if you like bohemian style and have other items of the same style around your room.

You can easily do this with a square pattern and right materials. To give it a more bohemian look, you can then add some embellishments.

It will require some work and is a little bit more complicated than the other projects in this list but if you are really into this style, it will be worth it.

This pillow looks gorgeous and it is really comfortable, so give it a try when you have some time. If you don’t think you can make it, you can purchase it on Etsy for around $60.


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