DIY Shelf Liner – Cheap Shelf Liner Ideas for Your Home

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Hello there!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! Anytime I'm with my family, I am one happy girl!

Today, I decided to share with everyone this quick and easy DIY Shelf Liners I did several weeks back.

I got tired of opening the bottom of my china cabinet and seeing nothing fun. Besides that, I don’t really understand how my shelves and drawers become so grimy. They are closed for the majority of the time but still somehow, yucky stuff manages to get inside as soon as they are open.

So, being the "I need to do something about this NOW" girl that I am, I used whatever I had on hand at the time to find a quick solution. No time to run to the store when this sudden need to change something happens!

What did I have on hand?

Wrapping paper and double sided tape! Here’s how I make DIY shelf liners at home using these simple supplies.

How to Use Wrapping Paper to Line Shelves


Before I jump into the guide on how to make DIY shelf liners, there are a few things you need to know.

There are some drawers, especially traditional models, who are made using contact paper. This type of paper Is very easy to apply but very hard, almost impossible to remove due to having super sticky adhesive in the back.

For this project, I didn’t want to have a similar issue, so I decided to go for a less permanent solution. You can use wrapping paper and double side tape even though it is preferred to use oilcloth liners.

Oilcloth liners are more durable, easier to clean and most important, can be easily removed when needed. These benefits make them a perfect solution for everyone, especially renters who not prefer to deal with permanent adhesive tapes.

So, here’s how I make my own shelf liners:

Making DIY Shelf Liners

For this simple project, you will need:

  • Wrapping Paper or Oilcloth Liners
  • Measuring Tape
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Scissors & Ruler

1. Clean Your Shelves

Before starting on measuring and placing the liners, you should give your drawers and shelves a good cleaning.

If there is any dust on the surface, it will make it hard for the double sided tape to stick to and will eventually cause the liners to fall off.

You can clean your shelves by using a damp cloth to wipe it down and then just let it air dry (or bust out your blow-dryer if you impatient)

2. Measure the Surface

Next, after you make sure everything is clean, you should measure and get the dimensions of the surface.

If you are bad with numbers, you can get a notepad to write down the measurements.

Also, another easy way to keep track of the measurements is to make a template out of spare paper. This is also very useful if you have multiple shelves and you can use the same paper template to cut out onto the cloth or wrapping paper as many times as you need.

3. Cut the Paper

After you have the correct dimensions, get your wrapping paper, scissors and double sided tape out and get ready to start cutting.

To make sure that the lines are straight, you can use a ruler or other straight edge.

Place the template on top of the wrapping paper and start cutting it based on the needed dimensions.

If you are planning on folding it over the edge of your shelf like I did, add a few more inches to the width.

4. Install the DIY Liners

After you did all the needed cuts and measurements, you should begin the installation process.

Remove everything from the shelves and give it a quick cleaning again to make sure there isn’t any dust left behind.

Add double sided tape to the back of your wrapping paper and gently lay your wrapping paper onto your shelf and smooth it over with your hands.

When placing it down, to help it keep in place, you can use some tape in each corner and in center. The double sided tape is strong enough to keep the liners in place and prevent them from slipping around but not sticky enough to leave behind sticky adhesive residue.

And, if the tape loses its stickiness over time, you can just pull it off from the back and replace it with a new piece of tape.

Also, if you get any small bubbles on the surface, just use a pin to poke a hole and release the air in it so it lays flat.

Pretty fun, huh?

And in case you're wondering, I purchased my fun print wrapping paper at Target! Love that place!

DIY Shelf Liner Tips

Here are a few tips and hacks you can try when making your own shelf liners at home:

  • Use Laminate Squares as Shelf Liner - If you want a more permanent or durable liner, you can actually use self-adhesive laminate squares you can purchase at local dollar stores. This type of material can be easily cut with scissors and applied to the surface. It also can get cleaned with a wet rag when needed and the best part is that it can last for years and can be removed when needed.
  • Use Linoleum Liner - If you want a more waterproof solution, you can use linoleum leftovers to line your shelves, especially the sink base cabinet or oven drawer shelves.
  • Waterproof Liner - If you plan to put glasses or other items which can contain liquids or water, it is better to consider putting waterproof liners since it will be more durable and not bubble the surface over time.
  • Using Wall Paper as Liner - If you have some wall paper laying around, then you can re-purpose it and use to line your shelves. Wall paper is a little bit heavier and thicker than the usual liner but if you don’t want to buy additional liner when you already have leftover wall paper, then it should be a simple and cheap option.

Final Thoughts

Now you don't have to wait to find the perfect shelf liner pattern! Your possibilities just expanded to several options which you didn’t though would be re-purposed as shelf liners.

What else do you use wrapping paper for? Let us know in the comment section down below! Also, don’t forget to share this article with all your friends using the Social Media Sharing buttons below.

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