DIY Trash Bag Roller Dispenser

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Guys. Girls. Whoever happens to be reading this...

You are about to have a "why didn't I think of that" moment.

Today's post is going to completely change your space saving game.

From this day forward you are going to love taking out the trash.

Okay, so I'm over exaggerating, but seriously this super easy DIY TRASH BAG ROLLER has definitely made changing our trash bags a whole lot funner! And funner is essential when we're talking about throwing out the trash, you know.


I saw this on Pinterest last year and finally got around to installing the trash bag roller in my laundry room this March. 

And yes, that means it took me 6 months for it to make it on my blog. What can I say? "Totally-has-it-together blogger" in the house.

Ready to see how easy it is to make and what you need to make it?

Alright....let's roll (pun totally intended).


Seriously, I could just end this post with that picture since it pretty much says it all. But for the sake of keeping up with the "totally has it together blogger" name that I've made for myself, let me go ahead and explain what I did.

All you need is a wooden dowel (I got a long one from Hobby Lobby and just cut it to size), 2 corner braces, 2 conduit clamps and some screws and washers.

The sizes of each item will depend on the size of your trash bags. I don't remember which size corner brace or conduit clamp I used, but they're pretty small. I have small trash bags so I needed a thin dowel to jam into the opening of the roll.

I recommend inspecting your trash bag roll first to see what size dowel would fit in it.

Installing it on a wall is so easy, too! I'm proud to say I did this all by myself! I would of normally let the hubby handle this one but he was busy and I didn't want to wait. I had already waited a whole year since I saw the pin after all, who knows what an extra day or two would have done to my patience.

I feel so silly giving the instructions, but here we go...

How to DIY a Trash Bag Roller and Save Some Space

1. Measure the width of your dowel and make a marking on your wall where each side will go. Take into consideration that you will want at least 2 inches of your dowel to hang off of your clamps.

2. Screw in your corner braces first along the marks.

3. Screw your conduit clamps into your corner braces.

4. Slide your dowel into your trash bag hole and set the dowel on the clamps.

5. You are done. Do a little dance and have fun trying to fill up your trash can faster just so you can grab a bag.

And don't worry about the dowel falling off the clamps, I've never had that problem. So long you're not angry when you're pulling a trash bag down and pull too hard, you should be fine.

If you are angry just have someone else take out the trash, preferably the person you're angry with. There's a solution to everything, my friends.

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