DIY Travel Laundry Soap Sheets

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You know it’s officially holiday season as soon as the temperatures start rising and the summer comes. Everyone starts planning their next trip, either on another country or just a weekend gateway in a city nearby.

In most cases, when we set out for an adventure, going camping or traveling to our friend who lives in a city far away, we tend to carry along our own supplies, just to be comfortable with ourselves and to be extra safe in case we need anything.

Apart from toothpaste, toothbrush and other essentials, a lot of people tend to get laundry soap, so they can do laundry on the go, without having to use anyone’s supply.

While packing the full bar of soap can be quite cumbersome, it gets even worse if you cannot make up your mind and still have to take several homemade bars with you. On top of that, you end up consuming a chunk of your luggage space just with travel and cleaning supplies alone.

Well, if you have ever been in the situation above, then there is an easy and simple solution for you to ease your travel worries.

Soap sheets are the perfect alternative to liquid or bar soap. They are not only easy to carry, use, and store (especially for travel and trips), but also quickly dissolve in water, and don't leave behind the residual soap scum often seen with dripping soap dispensers or wet soap bars in the sink or soap dish.

Even though you can get several sheet soap products at local or online stores, you can effortlessly make your sheet soaps at home using your dearest soap brands and several kitchen appliances. Doing it yourself, you have total control on the ingredients and also save some money.

Read more below on all the things you should have in mind when you are making DIY Travel Laundry Soap Sheets.

Making The DIY Travel Laundry Soap Sheets

To get you started, you’ll need to have the following items:

Required Items & Supplies

  • Wax Paper
  • Select Liquid or Bar Soap
  • Cutting Board
  • Water
  • Several Foam-Paint Brushes
  • Ruler (Optional)
  • Knife
  • Pan
  • Several Small Storage Containers
  • A Pair of Straight-Edged Scissors
  • Decorative Scissors (Optional)
  • Speed Peeler (Optional)
  • Somewhere to Hang the Papers to Dry

Step 1


First and foremost, start by laying down the sheets onto a flat surface.

Take the ruler and position it on the paper's left side and draw a line to mark the paper strip that won't be coated with the soap. Cutting this line will help you with handling your sheet later on. If you trust your crafting skills, there's no need to use a ruler. After all, it makes no difference even if it's not neatly cut.

Step 2


Carefully pour a soap line several inches away from the right edge of your sheet. If you pour a little too much soap, take the dry brush, dip into the soap and use it to remove the excess. Begin from the marked line and drag the soap slowly to the right edge of your sheet. Ensure that no excess soap builds upon these edges.

Step 3


Repeat this procedure until you cover the entire sheet. After you finish one side, flip the sheet onto the other side and repeat the same process. When flipping, pick the paper from the uncoated strip-end using two hands to achieve a neat finish. It will likely feel just like you're peeling a label.

Step 4


After you've finished coating both sides, take it off the surface once again and hang it somewhere to dry. Once you notice the soap sheets are completely dried, cut them into smaller pieces, and keep them into your select storage container.

If you do not mind irregularly-shaped soap sheets, you can use a speed peeler to cut these pieces. If you are looking for perfectly straight cut soap sheets, then cut them using decorative scissors.


Final Thoughts

The process of making DIY Travel Laundry soap sheets is that easy! You can also repeat the process for dish soap, shampoo, hand soap, or body wash.

Tips and Tricks For Making DIY Laundry Soap Sheets

  • Working with bar soaps - If you are using bar soaps, you need to melt them before you begin pouring onto the sheets. Cut the soap block into small pieces and put them into a glass bowl. Put water in a separate container and heat it, making sure that the lid is tightly closed. Place the glass bowl on the lid and the generated, rising steam will melt the soap blocks.
  • Be quick - As soon as the paper gets wet, it will start dissolving. So, it would be best if you worked as swiftly as possible.
  • Choose a good soap - The soap you use needs to be thick enough to ensure it doesn’t immediately dissolve your sheet. Nevertheless, don't make it too thick, as it can hinder the 'pouring and spreading' action; you still need something that can be spread thin quickly.
  • Use a broad, foam brush - The broader your brush, the less effort/strokes you’ll need to cover the sheet entirely with soap – making the process easier.
  • Brush every section in the same direction - Once you start going over the same section several times, the sheet begins to deteriorate in the brush. Carefully paint an even coat once on both sides, and immediately hang it to dry. Don’t brush the same section several times and in different directions.
  • Think the drying plan before - Because you need to move quick, there is no time to waste and thinking for a place to hang your sheets. As soon as it's painted on both sides, you need to have your drying area ready. We recommend using a hanger and cloth pins.
  • Have a backup drying plan - Always think for a second option as a drying place, in case the first one isn’t the best possible place. Having a backup place is useful to ensure any possible misfortunes are rectified. For instance, the sheets may tend to rip even before you hang them. If this happens, you can still save them by quickly laying gently on a nonstick, flat surface, i.e., bathtub, wax paper, or table.
  • If possible, straighten them, but handle them gently enough to ensure they don't get ripped even further. After the sheets have dried for around fifteen minutes, you can now try to hang them. Although some may get wrinkled, as a result, they will still be useful as soap sheets.

Things to Have in Mind 

Never melt bar soaps using a microwave. Do you know why? Because the oils produced by the melting soap may bubble and explode outside the glass bowl, creating a potential risk of damage to the microwave’s interior.

Also, never wet the soap sheet using a tap, as it will wash its soapiness away. To use effectively, first wet your hands, then pick the soap sheet and rub it around.


That said, we believe there’s nothing more to add to help you make your own DIY Travel Laundry Soap Sheets. Travel made easy for you! Just follow our guide to the latter.

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