DIY Wine Stopper

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Do you love wine? Well, a good bottle of wine should be complemented by a magnificently crafted bottle stopper. Wine stoppers are very famous among wine lovers globally due to their attractiveness and practicality. A significant number of people offer wine as gifts for their family or friends.

The wine bottles have stoppers of varied styles and designs. If you choose the best stopper for your wine bottle, you can keep the contents preserved for a long period. If you are considering not buying your wine stopper but doing it by yourself, then you can start and make a nice, customized bottle stopper at your house.

Through that, your wine will only be fresh but also save you a lot of money. On the other hand, even if you do not drink wine, there is no problem. You can still make your stopper to add it to decorating your bottles like the olive oil bottle. 

DIY Methods of Making Wine Bottle Stoppers

Method 1


Creative Crystal DIY Wine Cork Stoppers - Credits: CraftsUnleashed

Required Materials:  Strong Glue, Crystals & Cork Wine Stoppers

  • Use glue to attach the crystal to the cork stopper
  • Apply pressure to attach them
  • Allow them to dry overnight - Drying prevents the heavy crystal from falling off the lightweight cork
  • After it is completely dry, you can use your stopper

Method 2

Required Materials

  • Cork
  • Outdoor adhesive
  • Drawer pulls the threaded rod attached to the knob, and has a nut at the end


  • Start by drilling a 3/16 hole at the center of the cork. It would help if you did not drill up all the way to the end. Just drill a small hole, which is enough to accommodate the threaded rod.
  • Apply pressure in squeezing the outdoor adhesive into the hole of the cork. After that, you can apply some adhesive at the top. You can remove the nut so that you can twist the threaded part into the hole.
  • Allow the stopper to dry overnight so that you can start using it.

Method 3


Required Materials

  • Safety Goggles
  • Wine Bottle
  • Dremel 200 & Dremel Workstation
  • Drill & Drill Bit
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Wine Corks
  • 100 Grit Sandpaper
  • One Long Screw


  • Draw your design onto the wooden knob or block. In case you wish to draw freehand, you can use a ruler.
  • Cut the stem of your knob so that it is shorter than the cork. You can use the cutting wheel and Dremel to trim the stem.
  • You can use the Dremel workstation and Dremel so that you can drill a hole at the center of the cork. You can make a small gauge across a piece of paper, ensuring the angles are 90 degrees. The gauge can make it easier for you to line up your drill with the press's center.
  • Ensure that the cork is not tilted. But before you turn the drill on, you should conduct a second check to ensure that you have placed the drill at the center of the cork.
  • Cut off the large screw head with a Dremel cutting wheel for you to insert it into the drill. It will hold your cork and sand it.
  • Place the headless screw into the drill and partially attach your cork into the screw through the hole you have drilled. You can angle the cork onto the sandpaper. After that, you can turn on the drill so that you can start sanding down your cork. Ensure that when you sand, it tapers narrower at the bottom and wider at the top.
  • You can use the wine bottle as a reference so that you can test the diameter of the cork as you sand it.
  • Unscrew the cork from the drill, rub the top of the cork against sandpaper to round out and smooth out the edges of the cork.
  • Mix the epoxy as directed so that you can use it in covering the stem of the knob. Try to screw the know into the cork. Allow it to stay there for one day without using it. 

DIY Homemade Wine Stoppers (Video by Nourish and Nestle)


You can create an assortment of wine bottle stoppers so that you can offer your friends. The DIY project is easy, but it also produces wonderful results such that one will believe that you brought the stopper from a shop. Most importantly, the wine bottle stopper is one of the best homemade gifts and a great accompaniment to a bottle of wine when you go to a housewarming party.

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